A1c Report 6 months

Good evening, my A1C 6.6 increased a little during COVID19. Not surprised. Heat during had me eating ice cream. Cooler weather is here. Previous one was 6…3. Considering …I am ok with it. Nancy50


Mine is gonna be up.


Mine was… 3 basis points. Still sub 7, so I take it as a win given everything that’s going on right now…


Mine’s better, and the pandemic has helped, but so has the CGM I started in February. My long-term number has been about 6.6, but my most recent was 6.2.

I started the CGM because I realized I wasn’t going to get the same type of care from my new endo. The last endo was analytical, and we often spent an hour or more talking, analyzing my lifestyle and insulin usage, so my A1c’s were quite good. My new doctor, whom I really appreciate, just isn’t deep into the numbers, although better with lifestyle tips, and I could see my numbers slip slightly to 7.2 and then recovering a bit to 7.0. That is when I realized I needed to take more control, so requested a CGM.

As for the pandemic, I eat healthier and more controlled under lockdown. Initially, I lost five (5) pounds. but some normal lifestyle habits have crept back in. My spouse started visiting her mother weekly to have dinner, and she returns with two (2) restaurant meals for me, which I eat over successive nights. Because of the timing, I wind up having to skip a workout on Friday evening, so my targeted five (5) times per week is now four (4). Also, my spouse has caved in to snacking carbs while we were at home, as opposed to better quality meals out with friends. Although my spouse is partly responsible for the excellent aspects of the diet I do eat, the healthiest I’ve ever eaten, she also has some habits that undermine my weight and control.

Note: The 7+ numbers are usually transitional periods, moving from one endo to another.

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Nice job,CGM helps so much verses testing 4-5 times a day. Going over my food plan is a good idea. Our outside McDonald will end soon as it will be too cold,I just drink tea now. Home housework and a walk in am. 2,00plus steps depending what is going on. More walking in afternoon. Thanks for the food plan idea. Nancy50

I have observed in myself, time and again, that when I watch, measure and record my blood glucose levels, my numbers improve. I think the mere watching of my glucose engages my brain on a subconscious level and that influences my behavior. Over time, this has turned me into a data junkie.

Good work with your recent efforts. With diabetes, trying is always better than not. Keep up your renewed glucose campaign! It’s good for your body and mind.


I couldn’t agree more. Numbers are also very motivating. It is too bad insurance companies don’t see it. Nancy50

My numbers are absolutely horrendous. I haven’t seen numbers this bad since I started talking to all of you.

I think I am letting things go because I can. I don’t do anything, so there is very little risk or repercussion from letting things slide.

I’m working real hard to get things coarsely tuned, now. Its gonna take a few weeks to work things out. I might be seeing a little innate chaos in system behavior on top of my own bad behavior. I dunno. Its ugly.

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Is this your one day or long term? Most of us have days like this, a bad injection, bad insulin, miscalculations, etc.

Also, it’s different for me, so when things get bad, I tighten up, focus more, and make plans. Laxity is something that creeps in over time, but as some point I decide to tighten up. Visiting the doctor helps me that way, that after a visit, I regain my discipline.

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You and I both @Terry4 (data junkies). Even wearing a G5 CGM, I still finger tested my BG’s 10 times/day over the past month.

This is in a recent effort to tighten up my range to 3.9 - 7.0 [70 - 126].

It’s working … 98.0% in range past 14 days, SD 0.7 [12.6].

@Jim_in_Calgary – Your 98% TIR 70-126 (3.9-7.0) over 14 days is an incredible performance. I’m thinking your body just loves the low glucose variability with that stellar standard deviation. While I’ve been able to enjoy similar results for a day or two, I’ve never done it for 14 days. Your numbers likely exceed those of most gluco-normals. Way to go!

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Take credit for the fact that you’re now watching your numbers! This is never easy to do when you know they’re not good. But it’s the first step to turning things around. You have that power; use it for your benefit.

By the way, I love Tidepool’s ability to hover a mouse pointer over a timeline that includes the temporary basal rate profile and see discrete basal rates at any point in time. Now I just got to figure out how to integrate my new fingerstick meter so that it can talk to Tidepool.

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Thanks Terry, but as you know it’s always a work in progress.

I motivate myself by using the HappyBob BG app and compete for best TIR with others around the world over a week. Amusing but highly motivating (staying between 4 and 7 all week)

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Yeah, like creative artists and entertainment performers, we’re only as good as our last event. It means we must deal with the continuous demands that diabetes presents us. Last week’s TIR or last month’s A1c mean little; it’s what we’re doing right now that counts.

But no one can perform well all the time, so we need to cope with bad times so that we can pick ourselves up and move towards better. It’s always the mind game!

I’ll check out the Happy Bob link.


Does app get data direct from transmitter?

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Im gonna try this and see what it is. Sounds fun

Shoot! We got heavy community spread after labor day. Covid showing up at all the clinics, so I’m gonna try a home a1c from Walgreens.

I got an error code: OR5

No luck. Might be too cold in MN for this device, lol. Its only 60 degrees.

At A1c now has never worked for me. Always significantly lower that the lab.
Tried it again to avoid the exposure of going into the clinic. Same erroneous results.
I am diet and exercise only for 11 years. For the last 10 years A1c low was 5.6 high 6.2. Lab testing. The last home test was 4.4! I even did it twice with the same 4.4 result. I M still not doing lab work, but based on the daily numbers it would be higher than 6. Not lower

No, Happy Bob uses Dexcom Share (only supports Dexcom CGM’s at this time)

@JamesIgoe, you were right. It wasn’t that bad. I fixed it…kinda