A1C Results can show your trend

I am so encouraged today!

I just got a call from my doctor’s office. They told me that they had my A1C result…and it was at 6.2! A lot better from the 7.4 I had before. I have been really doing well lately, eating well, exercising and trying to test my sugar levels no less than 3 times a day. I use SugarStats.com because I can print out my results and take it to my doctor. He was impressed by the results, and is going to start recommending it to his patients. He said that it helped him to see where I am at. He has lowered my medications, and that alone made me very excited.

I just wanted to share so that others can see that with proper diet, exercise, a positive outlook and a little work, you can really make some positive changes.

Until next time,