A1C results

I got the results of my most recent A1C today. I am happy with the 6.7 but I am really trying to get below a 6 because I really want to have a baby soon. So I got back in three months for another test. If that one is as good or better, I think I will get the green light to try for a baby.

I think an A1C test is like the SAT’s only instead of your college on the line, it’s your body and health… I stress out every time I have to go. (Which doesn’t help the blood sugar control)

Nevertheless, today, I am feeling pretty triumphant despite fighting highs since last night. Maybe my new site isn’t absorbing as nicely as it should. Maybe I am stressed out or getting sick… I don’t know… but despite the post breakfast high of 234 that I cant explain (Very annoying!!!) I am feeling like I am kicking the big D’s booty!