A1C results

I received a fit bit in November. I have been working on steps, around 6500 a day. Plus water aerobics,3x a week. My A1C was 6.5 . I am very happy. I am a type 2 . I am 66. Usually I go up in the winter. I think the fit bit made the motivational difference. All other labs good,my Dr. was very pleased. See CDE tomorrow. Nancy50


Thanks! Nancy50

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What wonderful results, @Nancy50! Congratulations! Your efforts are showing! I agree with you; I believe the fit bit (or similar) activity tracker does help to motivate!

It did for me. I also like that I get sleep data from the fit bit.

It’s nice to get feedback that shows your efforts and focus are paying off. Better health is a great reward.

Way to go Nancy! Find your motivation wherever you can and keep up the good work.