A1C surprise

My DexCom 7+ stats always correlated very well with my A1C. Not this time.

3 months mean BG: 95 mg/dl
3 months SD: 27
A1C: 4.6%

3 months mean BG: 94 mg/dl
3 months SD: 26
A1C: 5.7%

I wonder what happened. The only change that I can think of is that I switched to the butterfly BG strips and used them with the OmniPod PDM.

Abbott will overnight me a BG meter that is approved for the butterfly strips. I am done with taking chances.

Wow, Helmut - that's crazy! Please let us know how the new meter works out for you...I'm very curious!

While I am waiting for the new BG meter I started to take 5 BG tests from the same big blood drop during Dexcom calibration:

Tests are done with

1) OneTouch Ultra Mini
2) FreeStyle Flash with previous generation strips
3) OmniPod PDM with previous generation strips
4) FreeStyle Flash with butterfly strips
5) OmniPod PDM with butterfly strips

Results in the same order:

This morning: 89/91/95/73/75
This evening: 96/93/95/78/72

They included a Freestyle Freedom in the box with my PDM until the strips are approved in the PDM.
It will be interesting to see what they send you....the butterfly strips are approved in the Flash, so my guess is the new meter will not be too different.

Interesting numbers. But looking at those it seems the problem is the new strips and not the PDM. Quite a difference.

I got a FreeStyle FREEDOM meter from Abbott. The first result is not promising.

1) OneTouch Ultra Mini
2) FreeStyle Flash with previous generation strips
3) OmniPod PDM with previous generation strips
4) FreeStyle Flash with butterfly strips
5) OmniPod PDM with butterfly strips
6) FreeStyle FREEDOM with butterfly strips


For the next test I will use butterfly strips from a different box with a different expiration date.

I just googled "freestyle butterfly reading low". The first result reads:

"So I'm seeing a difference of 20% and I am definitely not satisfied with that!"



If you check the original thread from over a year ago I was the person that started this thread and contacted Insulet. Despite everyone telling me that they were fine my data is very similar to your data.

Unfortunately, Insulet chose the wrong partner in Abbott first they abandon the Navigator and now this whole strip mess. I am hoping they put a different brand meter in the next PDM. By Abbott no longer making the old style strips they are saying screw you to PDM customers. I have spoken to them many times and they say it is a shortage which is a JOKE. I heard the same line from them regarding the Navigator and they strung us along and then discontinued the product. It is clear by their actions they do NOT care about customers.

Insulet is stuck here and the best people like us can do is carry a separate meter which is a pain.

I know others have had success with the new strips but you are not crazy they do not work for me either.

So much for making diabetes a smaller part of my life.

Be well...

Seth, I agree 100%.

A fellow TU member changed the code on his PDM from 16 to 12 to improve accuracy.

I compared previous generation strips and butterfly strips with different code settings for the butterfly strips to find my magic number. My magic number for the butterfly strips is 18.

Then I came up with an even better method for finding the magic number: I used control solution. Typical results were:

16: 80 mg/dl
17: 90 mg/dl
18: 100 mg/dl
19: 110 mg/dl

I tested with 8 different lots with different expiration dates. The results were pretty consistent.
My old strips tested at 100 mg/dl. The ideal result would be 104 mg/dl.

I performed a final test. Butterfly strips from 5 different lots tested with control solution.

1) OmniPod PDM with butterfly strips and code 16
2) FreeStyle FREEDOM with butterfly strips and code 16


The FDA approved range is 83 - 125 mg/dl. A perfect meter would come in at 104 mg/dl.

So are you using 18 now with the butterfuly strips? From the preceding tests it appears that the butterfuly strips are reading uniformly low...and maybe the 18 set will correct this bias? Thanks for all this helpful information. Mike.

I would be concerned that the changing the code number does not result in a linear change across the range....if it is a nonlinear function, the extremes could be distorted....

Good point - I hadn't thought of that. Thanks.

Yes. I am using 18 with the butterfly strips. I recommend that find your magic number using the control solution.

Did you ever consider testing the PDM/butterfly set at 18 against old strips w PDM?

Changing code numbers is what I did with the previous generation strips. I will compare test results of previous generation strips with test results of butterfly strips and code 18 across a wider range.

Yes. I did a couple of tests and the results matched. I will do more tests.

I refuse to support Abbott products. Since they screwed me on two products. Why not just carry a small meter? I tend to agree with HPN on this one. The one touch Ultra mini fits in the pdm carrying case.

Lets hope Insulet puts a different meter in the next ten pdm.

It will be interesting to see what Insulet and Abbott finally do as far as the PDM goes...whether they get approval "as-is: or they use a code change or a PDM change....or simply require an external meter!

Abbott claims the new butterfly strips are *more* accurate than the old strips and exceed the FDA requirements for accuracy...it would be nice to see comparative data that demonstrates this. They do have test data in the package insert, but it does not show "old" versus" new. Perhaps they had that in the approval application...I wonder if those can be retrieved online anywhere >?

In any case, it doesn't address the device compatibility issues.

Are any home meters *proven* to be more accurate than others ?