A1C's / Insulin

How much insulin are you on at the moment, and what kind?

What was your latest A1C, and what was your worst ever? Mine was 14.1, but now I’ve got it down to 10 (yeah, I know that still sucks).

I’m doing 10 units of basal a day and 1 unit per 13 carbs of Novolog.
I’ve only had diabetes for a little over a year, so my worst post-diagnosis A1C was 7.1, and that was also my most recent. My best was 6.9. I really dislike how doctors and parents treat A1Cs- like it’s a grade at school. My endo appointment would be nothing to worry about if we didn’t spend 1/2 an hour going over my A1C and making it feel like I did things wrong. A little critiquing is helpful, but sometimes it’s just annoying!
10 isn’t that bad! At least it’s coming down :slight_smile: I’m super worried for my next A1C because the past few months have given me a bit of trouble with highs! It would be nice to get a low A1C once in a while!

aww :confused: Good luck! :slight_smile:
My doctors are pretty nice but they haven’t taught me how to do insulin to carbs yet which is kinda annoying, I just have to guess, normally I take about 4, 4, 6 of nova rapid with meals then 16 of this other one that I alllwaayss forget the name of! :S
My last one was 6.5 I’m 15 and i got diagnosed in May :slight_smile:

Oh! Lol, no wonder your doses are so low! You’re still in the honey-mooning period at this point I guess?
My doses are usually around 12, 12, 18 novo rapid and 30 levemir :S

I’m on Humalog. I take about 30 units a day. 19 of those are a basal… and about 10-15 units are for food. I’m currently at a IC ratio of 1 unit to 10 carbs.

I was diagnosed a year and a half ago with an A1c of 15.9 (eek!!!). My best is 5.6, which I’ve been at for about a year now.

@ Sloane: I know what you mean! My mom gives me this lecture about how I wouldn’t give such a poor effort at school, and that I should treat diabetes the same way, but seriously? School ends @ 3, and diabetes never ends, so it’s kinda understandable that you’d stop caring as much after a while, right?

According to my doctor, 10 is horrible. :frowning: The worst thing is, I have an appointment soon, and I know it’s gunna be higher than last time, because of Christmas and all the over-eating that I did :S Any advice?

Oh, the highs, how I detest them >.< I try to keep em a secret, because my mom freaks out even when my sugar is only 80! Like, cummon!

my most recent was 11… :(… it was 14 though… im newly diagnosed so it’s getting better… and yes it gets on my nerves how it feels like grade school…
but for insulin i take 1 unit for 5 grams of carb… i need a lot of insulin… i take 36 units of levimere in the morning and 12 at night… and i still spike in the mornings to like 350… so they are stilllll adjusting it…

@Brea I know how you feel! those are almost my exact doses as well, and yet my sugars are still spiking…

yea… and im newly diagnosed also… so i guess im getting out of my honey moon period…
so when i reported my morning blood sugars to the nurse she was like “what are you eating”… as though it was my fault and im eating at nights without taking insulin…
i was actually kind of annoyed with her because i mean i would go to sleep at 102… and wake up at 371… i mean why would i eat without taking insulin purposely… and wake up miserable in the middle of the night…\

ugh… lol… sorry at my rant…

Hey :smiley:
my worst a1c was 14.3
I was on three units per 15 grams of carbs
and at dinner time i took 58 units of lantus plus humalog to cover what i was eating.
I got it down to 11.8
but my last test it went up to 12
I have since then been put on the MiniMed 722 pump.
and i go next friday to find out what my current a1c is.
Hopefully its gone down!

Your doctor hasn’t taught you to count carbs or anything!!! thats not good at all. You really shouldn’t be guessing… are you BGs good??

@Bea: Yeah! I hate when they give you that look, and it’s like, “you ate a cookie without insulin? FAILURE!” Anyways, I actually know what the problem is for you! Levemir only lasts about 18 hours, so when you take it in the morning, it’ll run out by nighttime, leaving you without any insulin coverage at night. To fix this, you’ll need to start taking it at night (this is exactly what happened to me). And don’t worry, I rant ALL the time :slight_smile:

@Maddy: I was like that too! It was like no matter how much insulin I took, my a1c would always hover at around 12. Lemme know how it goes with ur next test!

don’t worry about it :slight_smile: i’ve always had pretty good control, i’ve been lucky with my doctors and things, but the past 6 months i was realllly worried about my A1C due to the fact i’d spent more of it high, mine came back at 6.9, it’s not always as bad as you think.