I know when my son and I go for his 3 month check-up at the doctor’s office the numbers do not matter to him. I know he doesn’t have a full understanding what “A1C” means and why we have to wait 6 minutes for the results.

He does know when mom high fives him, rubs his head and has a tear in her eyes that all is good in our world.

On our last visit to the doctor, a week ago, I was sweating, nervous and dreading the 6 minute wait for the A1C results. During that 6 minute wait I felt like I was the one with diabetes. I was anxious! Rob and I worked very hard the past 3 months to try and bring his A1C levels down one full percent from our previous doctor's visit. So, for the past 3 months there was no pressure...none at all (A FULL PERCENT!).

Tick, tick, tick...SUCCESS! 7.5. Oh happy dance! The relief I felt. The joy I felt. Now, the pressure building up of continuing to keep it down and possibly bring it down more (remember, Robert is only four years-old!)

The previous 6 months Rob's A1C levels where in the 8.5 range. When we lived in California, Rob's A1C was in the 8.8 range. To actually bring it down a full percent in 3 months, was fulfilling. A step in the right direction! And for us this truly meant significantly fewer hypers and even hypos.

After the visit, I called Rob's dad to share the news and shed some tears. I never realized until that moment that this disease has consumed my life just as much as my son's. A full percent drop in his A1C's was the biggest victory I have felt in a long time. I finally accomplished something good for my son's diabetes and it showed in his A1C's.

Every day I will continue to strive to help Rob help himself manage his diabetes and obtain a healthy lifestyle. "Managing" type 1 in such a small child often means accepting high A1C values though I was so ecstatic to finally see a significant downward trend which will only mean better health for Robert.

Congratulations to BOTH of you! You are a remarkable Mother. Rob is definitely in good hands. He is a little trooper too, he will continue to grow up strong, healthy and wise. A long, wonderful life awaits him. xo

Thanks Robyn! :slight_smile:

That is wonderful! I’m sure it is challenging to manage diabetes in a boy so young. I find it hard enough to manage for myself as an adult. I agree with Robyn, you are a remarkable Mother and such a blessing to your son to take on such proactive diabetes care and work so hard to bring down his A1C. You are ensuring him the best quality of life! You should feel proud of this accomplishment.

It is great to hear about triumphs! Keep up the good work!

Thank you Christi & Jim!!

That is awesome! :slight_smile:

Congratulations! I so know that feeling. I’m always very nervous on our check up days. It always feels like all the work you do each day and the small victories you’ve had - an 82 BG in the morning, or good numbers throughout the night, just fade away when you end up with an A1C that is less than great. You should be very proud of yourself, a 7.5 is great. We are still struggling to get under 8.

I know I’m excited that nicer weather is here. All that fun exercise outside sure helps the blood sugar numbers.

Keep up the good work, you love and determination are great. You are also mentoring a healthier life style for him and the rest of your family. Kudo’s mom and dad

Lori…hang in there! I’m learning this road will always be up and down. Thank you for comment! Enjoy the change in weather and get out and have fun! We are! :slight_smile:

LADA 1.5 - Thank you for your comment! Now go enjoy those tulips fields for me. :slight_smile: Beautiful time of year to be in Woodburn, OR!!!

Congrats to darling Rob & his wonderful mom!

Thanks Ally & Gerri!