A64 Alarm

Out of the blue today my pump had an A64 alarm. I called Medtronic and we went thru some test. It passed all the test but they said it still must be replaced and told me to stop using it immediately. So there is a new (recertified) pump on the way. This is a bummer I've had this pump less than a month and now I've traded my brand new pump for a used one. I guess as long as I got a working pump still covered by warranty it will be OK.

And to add insult to injury when I removed the set I had my first bleeder. Not the best of days.


No, not the best of days. :-( But if it's any consolation, I once had an error and got a refurbished pump, and it LOOKED new and was clean, and functioned perfectly until the end of the warranty. Eventually, it cracked, but that was after the warranty was over. And by that time, I had a new pump, anyway.

So chin up, me man! :-)