i worry so much about my health that it consumes everything.
i am mentally incapable of letting my bloodsugars go down.
i need therapy, hypnosis… something.
i worry about a future with blindness and missing limbs and no kidneys
or worse, i worry i will have no future at all.

I was only diagnosed on 4/1/09 but I can totally relate to what you’re saying. I am hoping I can calm down in the next few weeks and months as I get oriented to this new way of life.
I did start taking a meditation class IMMEDIATELY after being diagnosed and I have to say it was a mental and emotional lifesaver. I went into the class a total WRECK and while we were meditating I had this image of myself with no legs. I was like, oh yeah, my biggest fear, hello!! But I just sat there and thought about it and it gradually got less scary. Not to say that I’m going to stop controlling my blood sugars, but just that somehow I looked my greatest fear head on, and that was somehow calming.
ANyway, I am not sure if this would work for you but this was like a total combo of therapy and hypnosis. I recommend trying it…

i was afraid to eat sprees for a while, i love them so much. I was cautious for the first couple of months but then you get sick of it and realize how much you can get away with. Not that it’s a good idea, but you tend to worry less later and be more annoyed with everything you have to do. Basically you get tired of it controlling you and you start to do bad things like not eating or taking your medicine. The key is to find the strength to keep on going when you don’t want to, nobody wants to be controlled by fear.

oh yeah sometimes you get tired of it controlling you and then that can motivate you to control it in a healthy way