Abandoned in my hour of need

Yesterday my boss had me reflashing a chimney and adding a cricket. A cricket is a small peaked roof behind a chimney that forces the water to flow around a chimney and off of the roof. Otherwise ,it sits behind the chimney and rots out the flashing. It was a real low pitched roof and easy to stand on. Well , my boss has developed a tendancy to wait till the last minute to gather materials. It wastes a good portion of the day .
Well , I tore off the roofing around the chimney and cleared the old rotten flashing. When you do this , you cannot leave until you have covered up the roof and made it safe for rain. Due to the lack of preparation , it finally started to get late and my help decided that he had to leave. I was left on my own . I did get finished , but by the time that I did , I was so sore that I could barely move. My muscles were so sore.
When I put my mind into doing something , I don’t let anything stand in my way. One of these days, I’m not going to get away with this. I just wish that I could get some help that had some similar ambitions . It’s sad that people that don’t have this disease cannot seem to cut the mustard. I do what I have to do and sometimes I seem to get backed into a corner. This seems to be happening a lot more often as time goes on. I guess that you just can’t get good help anymore. It just makes me watch even closer for things that I allow other people to get me into . It is not pleasant. I enjoy my work , but with these situations , I just don’t know . Someday , I am afraid that I will not be able to leave when I am finnished or maybe I will be finnished before I get a chance to leave.

James, I understand where you are coming from!!! sigh… I’ve done alot of construction jobs in my past. LOL! I didnt make it as an office clerk out of highschool! I loved being outside. Being a girl just made it harder. Guys always played jokes on me… ie “go get the pipe stretcher from my truck.” LOL!!! I would tell them "fine, I’ll take a break and see ya in 15 minutes. " Still, there is nothing like a finished job that is well done. It’s something you can look back and say “I did it and it was done right!” So many people just want the cash and the heck with a bit of pride. You hang in there! Just make sure you’re bloodsugar numbers are covered when you need to put out the extra efforts.

I try to keep this from happening too often. People say that I make too big a deal of it. Well, it is to me. For one thing , I am reliable. I usually can’t say much for their reliability. I usually am the one that has to go back and fix their little disasters. That’s why I have a good reputation. I have had alot of times that people requested me, in particular to work on their house. That makes me proud. Yes , poking fun at each other makes the day go by a little faster . As long as that is the intention. Sometimes people take me a little too seriously . I usually set them straight real quickly. The idea is to try to have a little fun , even in the most tense situations.

My son of 24 is just like you James. A very hard worher who knows the meaning of doing a GREAT job…and getting the job done, but done ONCE! Often working overtime, because he takes pride in his work, often having to pick up where the slackers left off. He has asthma…and has suffered complications from it…but by gosh, that would NEVER slow him down or stand in his way. Partly because it’s his nature, and perhaps because he wants to prove that a chronic condition will not stand in his way.