Abbott's awesome customer service


I love my freestyle flash. It’s small and cute and has the coolest backlight I have ever seen. It even shines a light on my finger so I can see where the blood drop is. I had the first generation Freestyle and the Freestyle tracker (attachment for a palm pilot) before I shrank down to the Flash. I opt to use the flash over the BD meter that talks to my pump.

Yesterday, my flash abandoned me in my time of need.

It was about 2:00 PM and I felt the telltale signs of a low creeping up on me. I made my way back to my desk to test before I treated. Stress has had my BG bouncing for the past few weeks so I wanted to be sure I really needed to treat a low before I started sucking on glucose tabs. I whip out my flash, and see 67 on the meter. Time to suck on some grape flavored glucose. I eat 4 tabs and then test again. It was only about 10 minutes since the first test, but seeing the number on the rise will stop me from the panic eating. I get a reading if 157. 157? How can I possibly have jumped for 67 to 157 in 10 minutes after only 16 grams of carb? Something is wrong. I test again, and I see 257 appear on the display. Huh? Test again, 206. Test one more time. 75. Uh oh… Something is not right with Flashy.

I promptly called the 800 number on the back, and I am immediately speaking to a customer service rep. I am a little sad I don’t remember her name because she rocked at her job. She asked me some questions, verified that the meter was coded correctly to the vial of strips, and after about 10 minutes, she was giving me a confirmation number for the new flash she was sending me. She told me that Fed Ex would have it to my door tomorrow. It arrived this morning at 10 minutes to 9, just in time to come to work with me. Talk about awesome customer service! They even sent a new vial of strips since she couldn’t determine over the phone if the strips were bad of if the meter crapped out. I am impressed. I remember when my mom’s freestyle crapped out on her several years ago on vacation. She had a new meter in the hotel lobby the next day. You can say what you want about the BS claim of pain free testing, but the customer care is awesome!


Great to hear that some companies are still taking customer service seriously.