About Bikette

Dear Bikette,

When I first came to TuD, your humorous comments made me smile! Thank you for your wonderful sense of humor!

Thanks, Dave, for putting her back in touch here!

Thanks, Marie, for the wonderful list of links!

Bikette and Dave, wishing you both an easy summer and good, effective, safe surgery with no side effects!

I'll be thinking of you!

Best wishes,


WHOOPEE!!! The power of TuD ;) Can't tell you how thrilled I am Dave ;)

I had cataract surgery in both eyes.. it's no biggie at all. I was amazed, no pain whatsoever, and the results are almost instant. Bikette can't wait for you to be a one-eyed wonder!! I'm dancing ;)

This is such a wonderful news! Grace from God, prayers, coincidence, positive thoughts or positive energy, what ever it is, it is truly a wonderful news! We miss her so much and pray all will be better soon...

Youre the best "seeing eye husband" one can ever hope for :)Sure glad dear JB have you. Blessings and strength to both of you.

Thank you for updating us.


Fantastic news and I understand completely the reticence to rejoice prematurely, but I am thrilled to hear Bikette is getting the surgery. I can't imagine the frustration of having to wait as long as she did. We'll be thinking of her on Tuesday and will await more news as it comes.

Oh, that's GREAT news!!!!!

I need to rush off right now for an appointment but, I just had to send my best before I left.



I'm keeping up the positive flow for you guys!

That is wonderful news!!! I'm sending positive thoughts for the surgery and that the next one will be asap too :)

I know what happened,my dear friends: God can do anything but fail.
I will continue to left you up in prayer. Bikette, you are on the way to regaining your wonderful sight.!!!
God bless,

Great work powers to be !!

Maybe , maybe eyesurgeon is a member of TuD and read all the comments lol :)
In any case I am sooo happy to read this today ( had to play catch up !) and surgery is on Tuesday .
From what I know of the procedure ( both hubby ( 2005 ) and I( 2008 ) have nice soft lenses.Pharmacare at that time covered hard lenses only ; if one wanted soft lenses one had to pay for the cost( $ 275,00 ??( ea) .I understand province of BC ( pharmacare) now covers the soft lenses ); the next eyes were scheduled 6 weeks later .

Hugs Bikette....luv ya and miss ya!!

It's Tuesday in your part of the world ...a few more hours of sleep and next you will be on your way with Hubby on your side to get a new lens in the EYE ..a patch during the night for safety , drops and off for the follow up with Surgeon the next day ?? ...G and I wish you well Dear Bike Lady !!

So glad to have you back on TuD, Bikette! BTW...Hubby did a great job keeping us all posted and naturally we would love for him to continue posting. Oh, and I see you haven't lost your humor! Take care, Kat

BIKETTE...it's YOU...not pseudo Bikette/alias Dave :)
Awesome...SO happy to have you back! YOU are not a pirate...THIS is a pirate!

(though looks more yummy than fierce!)
I did, however, find a very fetching eye patch...in pink ;)

Woo hoo!!!
(Thank Dave for keeping us out of the dark, with the up to date reports)
luv and baskets of hugs ♥

As Sporster said similar as well : The ordeal has not severed your Humour :) Glad to hear from you .Hugs to Hubby from the both of us in Paradise !!

Hey Bikette,
Glad to see you back and at it, your acerbic wit was missed around here. When I complained to my ophthalmologist about not being able to read without specs he said that I could get contacts one of them would be for reading the other contact would be clear for the far stuff. He said the brain adjusts to looking through one or the other contact depending on the job required. I said I didn't think my brain could work like that.
Maybe this surgeon could make the second lens for reading ? Just a thought, and welcome back.

Happy dance!!! I hope your pink patch is this attractive ;)

Wow! You are brave to look at the surgery online beforehand. There's no way I'd do that! I'm glad you're back as well and sound to be in great spirits.