About had it

I've about had it with today. First..I went to go change my infusion set and I forgot a reservoir at home..and realized that after I had thrown the other one away...so now my blood sugar is going to be sky high because I won't be home for another 4 hours. THEN I get a call from my dad saying my car (which broke down) is going to cost $1,080 to fix...money that I don't have so...there goes my cgm that I was hoping to get with my income tax money..I'm so sick of this damn disease...I'm tired of being depressed...tired of being broke I'm just over it.

Hope things look better tomorrow! Sorry that you're having troubles!

So sorry to hear of your troubles. I understand why you'd feel frustrated! Things usually have a way of working out...eventually, so try not to get too discouraged. I care.

Those kind of things can drive all of us crazy. One hint, I carry a small zippered cosmetic bag in my purse. I has my current bottle of insulin and a few syringes, alcohol wipes, etc. It has saved me when I've accidentally pulled out an infusion set.