About me~

My name is Kara. I don’t have diabetes, but encounter and ‘live’ with it every day. I’m an adult diabetes educator and work mostly with young adults with type 1. I have been involved with our local (Wisconsin) Lions Foundation and ADA with the diabetes summer camp for many many years. This is how I get my ‘kid fix’. Camp is one of the most awesome experiences anyone wanting to be inspired by what a diabetes community can do for those with and without diabetes. My sister has had type 1 for 32 years and both her history of having type 1 and me defying my mom’s wishes to ‘don’t become a nurse’ landed me in the helping profession of nursing; but it’s really the people with diabetes that I work with every day who inspire me to be the best coach, sounding board, bringer of information, advocate, listener, detective and educator I can be!