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About me, a married male. Onset of type 2 diabetes in 2003. I weigh 330 pounds. Blood sugar is out of control for months now. At night (during the witching hour) the blood sugar is at 233 and this morning its at 195. If and when I go on insulin shots I will loose my job as a driver. Currently bad things happened when I sorta failed my DOT Medical by having too high of blood pressure and sugar in my urine test. (sorta means the doc was nice to me and gave me one month medical card and get the sugar and the pressure under control; work or corporate is deciding to let me continue working there or not for safety reasons)

I sat down to the computer to look at the “perfect diabetic menu” and was trying to create yet another spread sheet of what I will eat and became frustrated to tears and did a search on the internet for diabetes and Overeater’s A. (OA) and found this site. I’m going to OA now. Am trying to hold it together until July when I’ll be able to get a gastric bybass. But if I loose my job I loose my insurance, and loose the bypass. I have Periferial neuropathy in my hands and my feet and the medication: gapapentin makes my loose my will power as if I had enough of that to begin with.

Night time is the tough time for me. I just get more and more carbs until I am “high” enough.

….so tired of this battle…

Tom is right Randym… give us details and we will give you some suggestions that have worked with many of us here. Hopefully, it will work with you too. Are you seeing an endo for your diabetes? Have you seen a nutritionist? Maybe we can start with your recommended carb intake…you also have high blood pressure so maybe we can suggest meals, food that will best work for you. Your weight a concern? Diet and exercise is very important for diabetics. We can suggest some exercises too. What meds are you taking? But we have to start with your willingness to do something about your condition. Diabetes can be managed. Giving up is never the answer.
May I suggest this reading material too…


Please reply to members replies. I have a coommnet on your" Overeating at Night… "Awaiting your response. Another night time overeater,Pete

Good you’re motivated to make some changes.

The site Teena recommended is great. What changed my life was Dr. Richard Bernstein’s book Diabetes Solution. I felt horrible eating according to ADA guidelines & had horrible BG swings that left me frustrated & exhausted.

Wish there was a perfect diabetic menu. What has helped me is lowering carbs as much as possible. It’s the best route for weight loss as well. By eating enough protein & fat (yes, fat), you won’t feel hungry. The problem with carbs is that they digest quickly & leave us hungry for more. I know because I was a carb junkie. I’ve always been thin so never thought twice about how much I ate.

Rather than looking for a menu plan, eliminate some foods from your diet. Yea, know that’s not easy. Stick to protein (any kind of meat, cheese, eggs), nuts (almonds, walnuts, pecans), some peanut butter & vegetables. Avoid grains (bread, crackers, pasta, corn, wheat, rice, oats, etc.), beans, milk, juice & starchy vegetables like potatoes & peas. There are tons more foods you can eat than you can’t eat.

Oh thank you all so much. Great to see and feel a big loving crowd.

I have a motivation problem.

Yesterday i went to see a Psychiatrist at the suggestion of my OA sponsor. I now have some psych meds that will soak in. I know how to do the right thing. I was going great with OA and Weightwathchers and carb counting with an A1C at 7. Then i had a huge breakout with my peripherial neuropathy and was prescribed lots of Gabapentin medcation and I just got depressed and gained abunch of my weight back.

Any one else feel glazed over and stupid on Gabapentin (other name is Neurontin?)

We’re here for you!

Man, depression will do that, as if we don’t have enough to deal with.

Randym, When taking Gabapentinis, there is a risk that you may experience changes in your mental health. Im sure your doctor has discussed to you some of these changes that you should watch for (panic attacks; agitation or restlessness; irritability, anxiety, or depression; difficulty falling or staying asleep etc.) It is best also that your family members, should know these symptoms so they to can call the doctor when it occurs. Are you still having OA and weightwatchers? Itis a great place to be during these times…lots of people who will share your experiences. In any case, we are here for you =)

I have a group where u write down everything u eat. Thats a good thing to do, so u can look back at what u eat that is making your sugars go up. Eating a lot at night can cause spikes. It’s so different for us all. My group is…Weight loss…daily journal. It really helps us that are doing it…Sorry u are having such a hard time. I wegh 260 and was having high sugar with just metphormin. My doctor put me on Glybuzide. I am doing better. My bg this morning was 101. I am counting calories, fats and carbs for the first time in my life. I just KNEw it was time to get serious like never before. It’s a hard decease to battle, but it can be done. hang in there, Emily