About to start pumping with the OneTouch Ping

So I have had type 1 for almost 3 years (in april) and at 1st it was scary…I started with injections and after a while it was great…well recently my A1C has been super high and i have been doing everything the doctors have been saying and its just not working…apparently Im just not getting the Basal insulin i need…So i have decided to go on the pump!! Im super excited and cant wait for what this next step in my life has to bring…I have done my research day and night and I have decided to go with the OneTouch Ping…does anyone have any opinions or advice to give me about being on the pump??? It would be greatly appricated because i dont know many diabetics!! Thanks a lot…

I’ve been on shots for 52 years and just went on the Ping at the end of last November. It takes time to adjust your pump so that it gives the results needed for good control. It won’t happen overnight.
I love being on the Ping and my A1C’s are improving a lot. In one month, I went from an A1C of 9.2 to 8.2.
I’d say go for it.

congrats! I love the Animas pump, it has been a wonderful god send to have it. My A1c is 6.1, and nights/mornings are no longer a hassle with my basals anymore.