Abs for Diabetics. Can I have a 6-pack?

Ok I know primary reason to exercise for diabetics is to improve cardiovascular health but what about wanting to look like a rock star? I’m looking to reduce body fat overall but especially in the midsection. I lift weights, run 20 miles a week, do crunches, eat 4-5 small meals a day, have protein after workouts, and cant lose the love handles. Is this because I give myself shots in the abdomen and insulin turns carbs into fat? The harder I work out the more I lose in the limbs but the handles don’t go anywhere. Any diabetics with rock star abs that can share some advice?

Hey Scott. I’m not necessarily working on 6-pack abs (although it would be nice), I am trying to lose a little weight around the midsection. After months of watching my calorie intake and 60 minutes of carb work (148 bpm average) every day and losing exactly 0 weight, I started suspecting there might be something to this insulin/fat deposit thing. So, just for fun, I switched my infusion rotation from my abdomen to my derrier. It’s been about a month, and I am happy to report that I have actually started to drop some weight. Not sure what it’s going to do to my butt, but you might give it a try.

This guy has Type 1 and it looks like he has a 12-pack.

If you ever find out how to do it, let me know. I’ve been losing weight pretty steadily since the spring (lost 4% bodyfat in about 6 weeks). I play basketball a lot, lift weights religiously, and take classes twice a week that focus on core training. I’m still sporting man handles, but my waist is definitely shrinking.

I’m also on MDI, and I take them all in the abdomen. I try my best to rotate the sites so that I don’t get all that scar tissue and fat deposits.

Maybe your body is getting used to your routine. Every time I switch up my exercises, my muscles go back into shock and respond positively. I recommend Tabata training which is probably the toughest, most intense training I’ve ever tried. My heart literally beats out of my chest, and I feel my metabolism spike throughout the day.

I know the 6-pack is just icing on the cake…but forget what Peyton Manning says about grown men going for the washboard…anything is possible so go for it.

You might try reaching out to Gary Scheiner, or one of his exercise physiologist peers. My gut reaction is simply that the “6 pack ab” idea is not attainable by everybody and as such is a quasi urban myth.

Love to hear otherwise, but not a huge fan of contracted/tightened muscle the way most mean by “fit”.


Abdominal fat is the last to go because it’s where the body naturally stores fat in the first place.

The best way to lose the fat is to use it up and that means taking in less fat and calories than you use. So, trim the fat from the diet, watch your calories and exercise. It doesn’t really matter what kind of exercise if the goal is simply to lose the fat.

Once that’s done, you can focus on toning the muscles to get the six pack abs. In that case the type of exercise does matter, but all exercise that uses your core muscles will help. it’s called ‘engaging your core’ and includes running, lifting and calisthenics (crunches, leg lifts, twisting). In every activity be conscious of how your abdomen contributes to the movement and consciously engage it in assisting the movement. You may want to take a look at a book like “Core Performance” by Mark Verstegen.

I found that the best way to get the six-pack abs is to not try. If you exercise regularly, engage your core, and avoid excess calorie and fat intake, the abs will come - along with a nice physique all around. IMHO, paying extreme attention to one part of the body means we’re neglecting something else.

Good luck and send photos when the six pack shows up.



What has worked the best for me when trying to tighten up my mid section is using a medicine ball. There are mutiple exercises that you can do with it. They have always helped me out since I was working out at the boxing gym. Good luck and don’t give up!!!