Absence Excuse

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So I’ve been a little more than absent lately. It’s been a helluva week. I’ve been dealing with toxicity from Combivir and they are not minor. If you area doctor and prescribe this to someone who doesn’t need it, you are an a-hole. The fatigue is horrible, I’ve fallen asleep eating breakfast twice. The mornings are by far the worst and I don’t know why. I have lost about 10 lbs because of the nausea and NOTHING tastes good. Everything tastes the exact same and makes me feel sick. Soooo much fun. Also I do have question for any real doctors out there, how is it possible to have this much gas form w/in my bowels and not explode?

To make the week even more fun my wife went into pre-term labor on Friday. Contractions 3 minutes apart and growing in intensity. Did I mention she’s only 31 weeks along? Yeah, not good…


Wow, what a hair raising story!! I’m sorry that you are hitting a rough patch. Don’t be too sure about your A1C going up cutting the hypos out. The thing that was really pronounced about the pump for me was that lows, while not infrequent, no longer get in the way of stuff because 1) IOB is more clearly documented, even if you are guesstimating 3 hours or 4 hours, you still end up with a much better idea about what’s ticking away 2) more precise basal control. You are a science guy so I don’t doubt that once you get rid of the drugs you need to stave off whatever horrors were lurking in the last used backpack you will ever buy, you will be able to process your data to get your BG to be both flat and stable with a low Std Deviation.

I hope MrsSufu manages to stay sane while cooped up with you. At least spring is in the air so you’ll be able to run the 5 year old around the park or whatever you do to tire them out.