Accu-Check Smart Pix

Hi All

Please excuse the error if I have placed this in the wrong category…

I am in Spain and my consultant here has just given me a Smart Pix to use at home. However Accu-Chek have confirmed that the product should not run on a Mac.

I was wondering if anyone has been able to run it on a Mac…???



hello, Mike, welcome to TuDiabetes. I use the smart pix on my PC and I must say it’s not very user friendly. I’d rather have software loaded on my computer. You can try the accu-check website, and also we have an accu-chek group here.

Hi Marie.

Thanks for your reply and welcome.

Your right the smartpix solution is NOT the best solution for many people but seems it is the only real option. I use the smart pix in conjunction with

This allows my doctor to monitor my results plus, exchange messages when required.

Perhaps I need develop my own version that works for both pc and mac… ??? :slight_smile:

I’ll have to check that out. I have the Spirit pump and two of their meters, and all the numbers from the pump and meters can be synch-ed by the infared to a Palm pilot that came with the pump. The Palm also has a bolus calculator. Do you use a Palm?

I’m not sure that the particular service I mentioned would work (across the pond) so to speak.

The company is based in Madrid, but I’m sure if people were to ask about the services then who knows?? :slight_smile:

For medicine and health self-management this is pretty high tech and, as the Smart Pix is not even available to persons with diabetes in the UK…