Accu-Check smart pix?

Hi everyone, My 8 year old son has been using medtronic 522 pump and CGMS for the past 3 months while generally it has helped and he gets on very well with the day to day use of the pump, he hates the sensors. He is in tears everytime we need to change them, its not very nice. At the moment we are having a little break from the sensors, which has made him very happy!!. I was wondering if anyone uses the Accu-Check smart pix BG reader and if so how useful you have or have not found it. Would welcome any replies, Cheers!!.

The SmartPix will only give you the BG numbers. But there are many factors involved and needed to draw any conclusion from the data - besides basic trend information. The SmartPix is good for users of AccuCheck pumps and AccuCheck meters. The SmartPix will combine the information that is coming from both devices. Furthermore you can access the raw data on the device and this is helpful to analyse the XML files - for example with my project

With a Medtronic pump at hand I would recommend to use the Bolus Wizard to save the BG value in your pump. This way you can analyse pump and meter data on the carelink site of Medtronic. But because of the young age of your son I doubt that he will do this documentation work.

I know that our Glucosurfer can combine the Medtronic pump data and the SmartPix data into one diary too. I would expect that the carelink site can do that in a similar fashion but I have no experience with this approach.

My 6 year daughter uses the Medtronic 522 pump with CGM. We use Emla Cream prior to inserting the sensor. I use Glad’s press and seal, to place the Emla cream on her skin. I use a big glob of the stuff.

I leave it on for at least a 1/2 hour. Her skin is usually very numb after a 1/2, so I get no complaints about inserting the sensor.
Her biggest complaint is removing the tegaderm which we use to hold the sensor in place. I use skin prep prior to putting the tegaderm on since it helps put a seal between the skin and the tape.

We use the sensors daily and couldn’t live without them…we would have had some pretty severe reactions at school without her CGM.

Another tip we picked up from someone was to put the sensor in prior to bed and then start it in the morning. That has worked great. No more error messages.

Lori - thank you - I never thought to use Press and Seal! I’m a big fan of emla, and mentioned it to Michael on his page. I leave it on for 1 hour. I recently asked a dermatologist about it, and he said completely safe for kids.

Hi !

Smart Pix is used for getting data from all AccuCheck devies… It supports meters and pumps. It is easy to use, you can see all data in pump or meter, but you can’t do that much with data. I use this device mostly for my diabetes software to retrieve data from AC devices…


I also have smart pix and I am glad that I can transfer data directly to my comp. But I was wondering if I can join information from pump and meter into 1 file?

Tnx, Zoya

No. There are two separate files created,but you can see both data on reports (not all). I think that some reports displaycboth data, but not all. If you want to have history, you need to download data regulary and save xml files somewhere. You can then import such .xml files into some software solutions.