Accu-Chek 360

Has anyone had a chance to work with the accu-chek 360? For the last month i have been test driving a new aviva meter and the 360 software and im running into an issue and tech support is unwilling to help me.

Here is the issue plain and simple. the 360 runs off an MS-SQL database. that being said the software itself has a backup function. but the backup is not automatic.

so my thoughts were to use an SQL script to backup the database. I tried that and then i did a fresh install of my system, reinstalled the 360 software and then went into sql and restored the database.

when i run the 360 it tells me its an invalid site key and yet accu-chek will not help me because i am not using the backup program with the app which is not automated


could the site key be something to track the meter? If so you may need to match whatever the meter has.