Accu-Chek Combo!

Have any of you guys heard about this??

My doctor told me about it in code…“i can’t tell you any more than youtube accuchek combo”

I’m super excited, by using bluetooth technology the machine talks to the pump and voila your own pancreas.


But the omnipod does the same thing dosent it? I got the point of the message on youtube but only understood that you dont have to automatically enter your info. That is the same thing the omnipod does

yeah, the omnipod basically does the same thing. So does the Animas ping. The only thing is with Omnipod, there’s no separate machine. Everything is controlled from the handheld. The pump mechanics are attached to you inside the “Pod”.
I’m not a fan of Accu-chek for the mere fact that I had their pump before the omnipod and the piston rods constantly gave me problems. I eventually had to have the pump replaced twice. Might have been just my bad luck.
Glad to see they’ve listened though and gotten a better system together. I wonder when it will be available in the US?

the Spirit does not have the piston rods like the old H-Tron. I love my Spirit!

i do not understand why your doctor would have not been able to say anything clear about it… that is odd… i don’t think that it is anything new, it is the direction that most companies are going

This looks GREAT!

People in the USA should keep in mind that the pump options that are available in Europe are different.

I have a Minimed 722 in Hungary. In the USA, you can get a meter that communicates with the pump. That meter option (or more importantly the test strips for that meter) are not available here. This would be the first pump like this in Europe, I think!

I hope that this Accu-chek will be available in Hungary too!