Accu-Chek Compact Plus Issues

Has anyone ever had their Compact Plus lose it’s time and date for NO REASON? I have had 3 meters do that and Roche can not solve the problem…anyone else have that issue? Thanks,… Mark

Iv had mine do that a few times, though its not my main meter.
Really annoying when the time goes off and your syncing it to your PDA (For the Sprit insulin pump Bolus calculator)

Yes! I have two of the latest Accu-Check Compact Plus meters (black) and one older meter (blue and silver). These are my main meters. I have experienced lost of the time/date with the bleck meters, never with the blue and silver meter. I reported it to Roche and have received seveal replacement meters. These replacements occansionally also drop the time and date. I think I have traced the problem to the center switch that activates the meter for a BG test. If I stab at the switch quickly the meter does not start and when I press the button again sometimes it drops the time/date. I try to depress the switch consciously and firmly to initiate the BG test. When I press the switch carefully I do not get this problem . Also, I noticed that rough bumps to the meter can disloge the batteries momentarily and cause the settings to be lost. When I have spoken to Roche techs, I get the feeling that they think this issue is unusual. When I have asked for re[lacement meters, they have done so. I thought it was a problem with just my meter so I am glad that you raised the issue.


What is funny is that when I called they said that no one else had any problems… !!!

There is a Roche employee who posts here and who works for Roche Diabetes Care, who I think provides Roche with feedback from this site. I left a message for him with a link to this topic. Hopefully, our experiences will get back to Roche and they may take some action.

You can post comments directly to him at "Rob Muller, Roche Diabetes Care’s Comments."


Mine has done this twice. First time was a couple of months ago and I went 3 or 4 days before I noticed it. Happened again, yesterday, but I caught it this time. As soon as I slid the button to push out a strip, it started searching for an unused strip, like it does when the cover has been opened. Looked down and noticed that the date & time were gone. Popped out the drum and then shut it down. Reset the date & time. The last time this happened, I forgot about the date format being DD/MM/YYYY and I set it to MM/DD/YYYY, which caused me to lose a bunch of data when it came time to download at my CDE’s office. Their software doesn’t let you specify a date range, just the ability to select a number of months, and it only goes back 3. I wish that Roche would change this and make the date format configurable.

Good, it’s not just me. I not only lost the time and date but a whole day’s test numbers. I thought I was losing my mind. I haven’t tried to reset it because both my meters lost the time and date. Dumping my test numbers only happened once.

Is it the buttons, or the batteries… Im wondering if a piece of foam in the battery compartment door might help like on some other battery wielding devices…I only tend to have seen it a couple times when i have just tossed the meter in a bag and go somewhere.

Im also wondering if theres any "clock power protection. many meters use a capacitor so you have a few seconds leeway on a power glitch, or if your fast enough to switch out the batteries…

Jake, Are you saying that the batteries loose contact??! Mark

Im asking if this is the issue, or its the button doing something screwy… At least the time it happened for me it was the batteries losing contact…

Hello Mark,

I’m Rob Muller. I work for Roche Diabetes Care. I’m glad that you already contacted customer care. And thank you, Aaron for giving Mark my info. It’s much appreciated.

I just wanted you all to know that I’m forwarding this conversation to the product manager. I also found out that they are aware of this issue. I will have an update for you all shortly. In the meantime, if any of you experience this problem, or need a replacement, please call customer care at 1-800-858-8072.

Thanks again to all those that brought this to my attention. Stay tuned!


Hello again everyone.

I just wanted to give you all an update. I confirmed that we are aware of the issue of intermittent loss of date and time. I also learned that performance of the meter is NOT affected by this issue.

If anyone experiences this, or any other issue, please call Accu-Chek Customer Care at 800-858-8072 as soon as it is noticed. We want to make sure we are aware of any issues and take care of you all as quickly as possible.

As always, if there is any way I can help you, let me know.


Hi Rob,

While the accuracy of the meter is always a concern, the loss of the time and date stamp info is an important issue for other reasons. Medicare requests reports from time to time listing my test results to justify the number of tests I perform. Any test results that are not automatically date and time stamped are rejected by the 360 software unless information is edited manually. Often this information is not available or becomes a burden if the number of unstamped test results is large. I have had to learn to keep a special watch for this issue.


Aaron, Very true…It also screws up all your reports when you download your
meter(s) and your pump. Both my meters and my pump are synched and loosing the date and time ( as Rob will tell you) on any of the three really messes up ALL your reports… Thanks, Mark

I have lost my numbers and dates on my compact too. Does any one have a fix for this yet or has Roche addressed this?

I just noticed it the other day. I have the reader/software and like to send in my numbers to the chronic care nurse. This month I am hosed.


Hello Pauly, This is Rob with Accu-Chek. Very sorry to hear about the data loss. Have you called our customer care department? If not, please do so at 1-800-858-8072. Keep me posted, okay?

Have a good day.


Hey Rob, thanks for the post. I did call customer care, they then transfered me to a software customer care person. It just went so-so with him and I really didnt get an answer or solution to my problem.

He said in so many words that the problem was with me and that I must have dropped the meter or I didnt hook it up to my smart pic correctly. I know I didnt drop the meter, I just lost all my dates and times. He kept saying it was operator error and not the meter.

He did make note of it in my file though and said if it happens again to call and he would send out a new meter. I think I will call again and see if I can get a new meter. I dont trust this one. I think it reads low too as compared to my A1C’s.

I am using my Walmart meter for now as my nurse wants my monthly readings. I am handwriting these out for her.

The handwriting doesn’t sound like fun. And I’m very sorry to hear that about our software customer care. I talked to a team leader over there. If you’d like to email your contact info, I can have someone call you back with help. Or have you already called them back?

Let me know how you want to move forward.

Have a good evening.


Hey Rob, I continue to have problems with the memory on the Accu Check Compac. I have two of your meters. I have continued to loose the date and time on my meters. For whatever reason you it just goes blank and I have lost all my memory. Tell your Quality Control you have a design flaw in the memory circuit and some sort of backup needs to be incorporated. I dont see a need for calling customer care anymore as this problem continues even after I got an addtional meter. Right now I sorta limp along, watching for the memory erase.

Several times I have seen the time/date zero out on my meter. The blood glucose readings remain unchanged. Only the time/date stamp goes missing. For me this means that any new BG tests will not be time date stamped until I re-enter the time and date info.

Are you loosing the actual blood glucose readings or just the time/date info? (BTW, it is possible to reset the time date info via the 360 software without all the button pressing). For me at least, the loss of the time/date info rarely affects more than one test result because I always check the time/date info reported by the meter as I perform the test. I know the problem exists, it sucks and it is intermitant. I can duplicate the problem by removing a battery. This fact leads me to believe that the problem is related to a transient poor battery connection. AaronM