Accu chek rapid d infusion sets with animas pump

Is anyone out there using the Accu Check Rapid D Infusion sets with the Animas PIng?

We tried them on our son the day before he was hooked up to the Animas ping pump as well as ourselves. I love the flat profile and small needle. Didn’t even hurt . I like the Orbit Micros too but the profile is a little too high. Our son is currently wearing Cleo 90s and he used the Inset 30s once. He likes the teflon right now, we will move to steel later.

If anyone in Canada wants to try any of those I have tried you can contact Melany at for free samples. She can work with your pharmacy to get them to you.

I tried them, and didn’t particularly like them because I found the disconnect impossible to use with one hand… I prefer the Orbit Micros or the Contacts with the longer (31") tubing.

I can’t use teflon sets, so I’m limited to steel at this point. The only ones I have’t tried are MM’s polyfin (bent needle) sets.

I have used the rapid d exclusively for the last 6 or 7 years. Have had too much trouble with the teflon. I like the flat profile and the abiltiy to disconnect for showers and short swims.