Achy Breaky Chest

Achy Breaky Chest

Well it’s over. I mean it’s not completely over, but most of the way. The hard part at least is done; I am feeling better and yada-yada. Actually things went very well and while I would have liked some changes it was about an 85% good thing as far as surgery is concerned. I mean let’s face it surgery is pretty close to the bottom of things you look forward to, so 85% is probably a pretty good outcome, I suppose?

So here are my memories:

1. I checked in at 10 AM on October 7 and there waiting were the customary implements of goodness. An open back gown, blood pressure cuff and scale. I was told to undress get the gown on and get in bed. (No this was not one of those films). Trust me I checked everywhere for the camera.

2. I pulled the curtain got undressed and I heard the most wonderful sound just as I removed my ahh socks, (yeah socks) it was the sound of Pink Floyd’s ‘Comfortably Numb’ which I was not expecting but was hoping to be shortly. Turns out the nurse remembered my request for the song from the week before when I had two stents placed.

3. Once on the cart, (my mobile platform for a few hours it turns out), I was greeted by the smiling hospital staff that immediately needed to weigh me. You have got to love efficiency and yes the entire world (well anyway those who were looking) got to see some of my vital signs being taken. Hospitals are no place for modesty.

4. Almost three hours later I was still not comfortably numb, but I was being wheeled out to the surgical suite. I arrived again to the wonderful sounds of the Pink Floyd song ‘Comfortably Numb’ and I was doing well, until the chief nurse came in and said it was too loud and another nurse said it was the patients request, and then the chief nurse bent over me and said surely you did not mean to upset the nurse did you? Naturally being generally unwise I said yes it was my intent. I was still not comfortably numb and it would stay that way a bit longer I suspect than was needed.

5. Enter the anesthesiologist who asked if I was comfortable and I said well no, and nor am I numb. That was exactly last thing I remembered saying for several hours. I found I had made that wisecrack to the last person that day.

6. When I woke up I heard the surgery was successful, I think that means I had not expired. My chest hurt terribly and I was being lectured about my expectations for the frequency of medication. In my mind it was not nearly as much as I would have liked. Did I mention comfortably numb?

Now I went in on Tuesday was released on Thursday at mid-day for a total in hospital time of just over two days. Upon release, I had to go see the urologist, because well I seem to have forgotten how to urinate. The urologist called it Anesthesia Brain Fade. This brain fade is not new to me I have it most times when I go deep under. However, I am usually in the hospital for more days so going home and not urinating is problematic.

That is ok, I solved that issue easily I promptly fainted in the urologist office so I got a rather cumbersome device attached that was removed the next Monday following a bladder blast (you don’t want to know). Over that following week I returned to normal (I mean as good as it gets really) and as of last Friday sort of got back to my volunteer work at and thinking of writing again.

This week things have accelerated a bit. I am feeling better, the chest pain has subsided, mostly; it hurts when I think of it and for some strange reason when I hear a Pink Floyd song (one in particular). I know no one hears Pink Floyd songs much anymore, but well I really like Pink Floyd.

So would I do it again? Of course, I would. I am a young adventurous sort and it is good to be back writing?

Ahead things will likely get a little rougher than better. I normally take Rituxan (the RA medication) every 4 months. The scheduled surgery date was at the end of the 4 months and it took 3 weeks counting the stents to get to surgery. UUGH

The rheumatologist said he will release me to have Rituxan 2.5 months after surgery so that will make it in about mid-December and I can report that the RA is going a little tough now. Mostly in the head, fingers, knees and toes. (Someone should make that into a song?) Actually I make fun of it but it is tough in the mornings and will that way for some time. I am looking forward to seeing the doctor again soon and to visiting my rheumatologist to see if his timetable was fixed or speculative. I am hoping to get the RA med sooner than later.

So the anesthesiologist suggested I try the song ‘One Drop’ by Bob Marley next time I am having surgery? A nurse suggested the Rolling Stones ‘Mothers Little Helper’ I think however she was more commenting on my choice than a good choice. I am actively looking.



Glad the operation was a success. It is good to see you writing a humorous account of your hospital visit.

Glad things went well and it's good to have you back!

:) Glad you are on the upswing of recovery!

Sounds like fun…not! But glad it went well and you are recovering now:)