Active Insulen

Hello dear all,

Just want to ask about the active insulin in the pump. Yesterday i checked my bg after 2 hrs of lunch it was 135 but there was 2.4 active units. I panicked coz my hypos usually very bad. I took 15 grams cab. In 20 min it went up to 224. I was quiet confused. I usually check my bg after 2 hrs of food and if its for example 150 and 1 unit active, it will go down to 100 after an hour or so.

What to do when i see alot of active units ! shall i wait and check every 30 mints which is a pain or shall i act or what !

I am using novorapid and my sencitivity is 1/70. one unit drops 70 ponts of my bg. and i have never had a problem with my cab ratio. Only some times will have this active insulin that confuses me :frowning:

Any tips !!



While you still had 2.4 units of insulin yet to act, you also had some of your meal yet to act. In the future, if you’re at a safe BG level like 135, I would recommend waiting, don’t take any carb and test again in 1/2 hour.

Remember, your meal also takes time to effect your BG. It varies with the quantity and quality (relative composition of fat, protein, carb, and fiber) of the food. Most meals are not done raising the blood sugar after 2 hours.

You might want to keep a log for a few of your usual meals. Keep track of your carb intake, time of the meal, amount and time of insulin taken, and BG numbers at one, two, three, and four hours after eating. This type of exercise can be very informative.

Good luck. You’re paying attention; that’s half the battle.


Thanks for enlightening us Terry. I knew it because I am a pumper but didn’t quite know how to explain it as well as you did.

Lois La Rose

The active insulin reported by your pump reflects how much insulin you still have in your body which will either take effect by covering carbs (at your insulin to carb ratio), or dropping your blood sugar (at your sensitivity factor, 70 in your case). I believe it is computed with a fixed formula. If you bolused with 5 units it should always tell you that at 2 hours you have 1 active unit (all other things equal). This means that if you normally at lunch took 5 units and observed 1 unit active at 2hrs, then something changed. Some of the things that could have changed are:

You bolused more for a higher carb meal
You had a late breakfast and had active insulin when starting lunch (“stacking”)
You selected a different type of bolus (like square wave)

It is always good to ask questions. Your action, while probably not needed was certainly a “safe” thing to do. Perhaps this question would be better answered in the insulin pumper forum.

If I see that there is some active insulin with a relatively low fat meal after about three or four hours and I’m at or slightly above target of 100 I usually let it go but if it’s before bedtime I usually cover the insulin with some carbs and that has worked out so far. I have had the pump for about two weeks and so figuring out active insulin more accurately is now possible.