Acute Renal Failure.recovery with CKD?

Last month I fell and broke 5 ribs. 2 days later my kidneys went into acute renal failure. A few days in the hospital and kidneys are back on duty, for now.

Anyone else here with CKD have episodes of acute renal failure?

Gomer Sir Falls-A-Lot

BTW I CKD-stage 3 since summer 2008.

Gomer, docs like to throw around terms like "acute kidney failure" a lot. I have had several episodes of this while I was pre-dialysis and even after my transplant. It depends on whether the doc is a nephrologist or not. It is perfectly possible to recover with proper hydration and a recovery from whatever problem that caused the decrease in kidney function in the first place. You need to be careful to not get dehydrated too often as you may not recover as well,


Breaking 4 ribs was the trauma that triggered it, no reason to question that.
wHEN i WAS FIRST TAKEN TO ER when I fell (couldn't get up) the rude crude Xray crew did not find any broken bones. weak pain killer nad muscle relaxer and sent home.

When my urine turned dark and stayed dark more than one void, I KNEW that was nothing to play with. So I got back to ER pronto, no waiting around. Since I had been unable to get out of my recliner on my own, I was using a washed plastic jar. I made sure that sample went with me to ER. When they saw the sample, it was obvious something more traumatic happened. So back to Xray and a nice good Xray crew re-did the Xray's and found the 5 broken ribs no problem.

My kidney function is not too erratic, but its not stable either. That from my understanding makes the eGFR formula unreliable, states that right in the lab reports.

I was drinking plenty of water, but voiding a lot as well, but I kept my diabetes in good control. Weird?

gomer Sir Falls-A-Lot

I recently went to the ER with gastroenteritis and severe dehydration. I was totally floored when they told me that I was in acute renal failure. My kidneys are presently only at 35 and I am terrified they are going to fail. I know this could be a possible complication one day but I am new to diabetes and it happened so fast. I am so unsure of what to do next but I have jumped ahead to getting a dnr and this is a death sentence.