ADA - 2011 Consumer Guide

ADA - Research on more than 100 products for managing diabetes, talking to manufacturers, diabetes experts, and users—real people with diabetes—about what matters most.

…there’s a box on the right hand side with all the following links

Blood Glucose Meters

Meters: Special Features

Continuous Glucose Monitors

Insulin Pumps

Infusion Sets

Insulin Pens

Aids for Insulin Users

Diabetes Medications

Products for Treating Lows

Diabetes Applications

I have always enjoyed receiving the Canadian Diabetes Association Consumer Guide and found it very useful for comparisons sake !

hi nel,
yes i have last years on my desktop (pdf).
do you have the link to the current one.
thanks. michael

Michael , what I located looks like 2009/2010 ? …and it took me a bit to open all the 64 pages …I stopped midway because of my busy life , ha, ha .It will take me some time to find the hard copy …only because I am not too well organized …hope you accept this :

I like this issue a lot too! My pump is a couple of years old and I am using free UltraMinis b/c I lost my UltraSmart. The new stuff is interesting. I blew off the Free Bayer USB meter thing I got in the mail and am sort of regretting it b/c the size looks extremely handy for running?

thanks nel,

heres a link to the actual page for the CANADIAN EQUIVALENT publication from the CANADIAN DIABETES ASSOCIATION…which then links the doc.

PS Warning- as nel says above , it takes a while to load

tnx and happy new year

…2009/10 Consumer’s Guide to Diabetes Products and Medications

Important new information for people with diabetes!

New Consumer’s Guide to Diabetes Products and Medications

Diabetes Dialogue is pleased to bring you the new combined 2009/10 Consumer’s Guide to Diabetes Products and Medications, a supplement to the Summer 2009 issue of Diabetes Dialogue.

This comprehensive guide provides you with current, reliable information on:

The ABCs of diabetes management

Considerations for choosing a blood glucose meter, injection aids, insulin pens, and insulin pumps

Information on different classes of medications, including biguanides, glitazines and insulin secretagogues

The importance of blood glucose control

The 2009/10 Consumer’s Guide to Diabetes Products and Medications provides essential information for both patients and healthcare professionals.

good luck with all that