ADA and JDRF Non-Responsiveness to Type 1 Insulin Deprivation for 12 hours

As an advocate to both ADA and JDRF for research and in Washington, DC over decades I find it very disturbing that neither ADA or JDRF can be responsive to a type 1 diabetic patient NOT given insulin in a hospital for 12 hours and have no past research on the damage done to ones organs after 12 hours of insulin deprivation. Can this be true?

Maybe it’s my hard-won cynicism talking, but I have no difficulty believing it. I am not sufficiently familiar with JDRF to judge, but ADA has plenty (plenty!) of other major blind spots. Why not one more?

Well hey again Type1Hotties. I see this is still a Type1Hot Topic for you. What have you done to advocate to solve this issue? Research is not mia in the ADA, JDRF, NIH, NDDK, and WHO have loads of research on insulin deprivation. It would take a bit of effort to read the details of such studies and findings when you are searching for specific protocol like exact number of hours, age of diabetic, other medical issues, etc.

You should consider getting a lawyer to pursue this effort. You seem to want to hold someone responsible for the heart damage your daughter “the patient” suffers. I remember reading that she was able to inject some insulin herself at some point. I also remember that she was released into a palliative care environment for a period of time. And then she returned to the hospital not for a diabetes issue.

I am still wondering what really happened to this person. The facts and the circumstances are not clear at all. The advocating you claim to apply to ADA and JDRF should have been done at the bedside / hospital when the patient was in there.

I am still wondering how she is and even where she is now.

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We could probably offer better discussion regarding your situation if you wanted to explain the entire situation from step 1 in as much detail as you can…

Thus far, I’ve read all of your posts and really don’t understand what you’re talking about or the situation that occurred at all-- so I really don’t know what to say?


ADA finally responded, and told us that this is unfortunately a common situation. Type 1 diabetics need to know this and not assume that any hospital knows how to manage it. The endocrinologist that the hospital called in (one must use their staff) did not take her as a patient once he saw what had transpired. From our position, it was a great way for them to increase their charges - the patient came in for observation and ended up in ICU for a few days because the hospital causes DKA, and before they can diagnose the cardiac issues. Hummmmmmm. And let’s add insult to injury - they charged $24 per blood glucose test, using those test strips that we pay $175 per hundred for. It wouldn’t be quite so bad if they knew what to do once they took the reading!

As far as the patient, she was admitted for observation for irregular cardiac test results and an infection. She has had Type 1 diabetes for 15 years. She survived in spite of what CHI St Luke’s The Woodlands has done or not done, but is on palliative care due to the extent of the damage to her heart (it took a week, and the DKA episode, to diagnose her). Her medical records reveal numerous entries that the doctor’s orders were not followed, and an infectious disease doctor was rather concerned that no antibiotics had been administered after 6 days of hospitalization. The Houston-area based CHI-St. Luke’s administration and the parent company in Denver, Catholic Health Charities staff could care less! We are well aware of our legal options, but plan to continue to publicize this situation until we are no longer allowed to. The truth is the truth.

I’m still not understanding the point you are trying to make… Do you believe that your daughter suffered cardiac damage because she went without insulin for 12 hours? Are you trying to post damaging things about the hospital(s?) as a way to retaliate for inadequate care you believe your daughter received? I don’t think this is an appropriate use of this Forum.


[quote=“Type1Hotties, post:5, topic:51574, full:true”]
The truth is the truth.[/quote]What IS the truth?? I have seen lots and lots of your posts all over the DOC. The need for you to publicize this situation on public forums is for sure not appropriate! You have been asked over and over for more details so that we could understand what we should actually be concerned about. I think the Truth is MIA and will suggest that your legal options are going to diminish in my opinion when you don’t seem to be able to present facts and explanations.

Type1Hotties or is it in fact Meg, I looked around a little bit at and saw that you claim to be “a 24 year old girl”. I am wondering if your real goal is to get folks to search you and accomplish clicks on your site.

Here is what I have garnered from your posts in the DOC. The person in your discussion was 15 and your daughter, the patient. ??? 24 year olds with 15 year old daughter…for real?!? The patient has been in and out of the hospital, in pallative care, and it’s not clear what is wrong with her. And then you have also claimed the position of “advocate” to ADA and JDRF so I can’t help but ask why did you not advocate for the patient, your daughter??

Have you contacted a lawyer, and has that person or firm not suggested you stop your forum and board trolling accusing a hospital system of wrong doing. At one point you offered up the patients medical record. YOU could be sued for that.

How IS the patient? Why do you refuse to answer our well meaning questions.

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i don’t get this. i did read it over & over 5 times!. & i also think. this is not a appropriate use of this Forum!.
but how is the patient ?. good bad ?.

I fail to see why the ADA and JDRF are the subject or your ire. From what limited knowledge I have of your situation it appears that they are not the blame for what has happened. What is it that you want from them?

I might be more sympathetic if you can explain how these two entities have caused harm. Please explain so that we can be help of to you. Otherwise I agree with others that using this forum to spread unsubstantiated claims is improper.

Please help us to understand so that we can help you.