Ada - diabetes food advisor - software

Excellent Food Advisor on Carbs / Kcal / Fat Counting…
must have a look at…

Except that as you’ll learn if you read here for a while, the ADA advice about food is guaranteed to give you blood sugars high enough to produce complications.

They’re notoriously influenced by the junk food companies and drug companies who are their major source of funding.

Talk to people who have maintained A1cs in the 5% range for many years and you’ll find we all eat far fewer grams of carbs than the ADA advises and we don’t obsess about fat. The low fat diet has been completely discredited by much research and we all find that cutting carbs improves our lipids and other cardiovascular markers no matter how much fat we eat.

Cut the carbs, save your eyes, toes, and kidneys. It’s that simple.

Hi Jenny ;

thanks for the comment.

I totally agree. I am on low carb / high protein diet myself and see the benefits.
The software seems helpful ; as I can see the carbs in their calculator.

I am using it for my own benefit ; and do not follow their regime of low fat diet…
I am diabetic since 26 years and since I discovered the benefit of low carb diet ; my bloodsugars are finally normalizing.

Can you advise me some other nice links for low carb diets / diabetes?


That is good to hear!

I use the software from because it makes it very easy to add new recipes to the software database.