ADA Walk and my first experience with anything like this

I know shocking, I have had diabetes for 20 years and I haven’t really been involved in anything. I am just going to tell you all what my whole day was like.

5:15 AM wake up and test blood, and get ready for the day.
6:00 AM Google Map the directions again.
6:15 AM take another test and bolus because haha I am 227
6:20 AM leave to go to the walk
7:00 AM Check in at Volunteer Check In Get my volunteer shirt and get directions from my leader person, help set up the registration section.
7:45 AM test again see that I need to eat soon or I will end up low because My BG was 106 which was good, but I still had about one unit in my IOB, then go grab something to eat for breakfast.
8:10 AM begin greeting walkers and direct them to the tables for waivers, registrations and whatnot.
9:10 AM get asked to work the walk route, get directions how to get there and stick around until they need me.
9:40 AM drive over to where my position is, get all set up and wait for walkers.
10:00 AM madness ensues, I quickly become a traffic cop, directing cars and people when and where to go. I rarely moved from my spot in the street.
about Noon walk ends, head over to where lunch is being served and wait in line for half an hour, eat then go wander the area to check stuff out.
1:15 PM Leave for home.

It was a long yet well worth it day, no one got hurt, including me, I was like right there next to all these cars at an area with one street that was really busy and another that was where I was crossing the people at, but that area had a stop sign yeah It was basically a T style of thing… haha

I recall reading and responding to your blog " Why aren’t I included " …did you have a sense today " You Are " ??
Congrats on putting your xxx on the line today ( so to speak ) . Seems the event was successful ?

apparently we raised 84,000 dollars.