Adding Crystal Light to water

Like the title says I have been adding crystal light to water for some taste, Would adding it to the water bump up my BS readings?

i’m pretty sure that crystal light has no carbs. so… if that’s true, no, i won’t effect your BS.

I think you are right Emily, it is sweetened with aspartame, and no has carbs.

Ok that seems good, water was getting boring. lol

Be careful some crystal light has carbs so check your labels!!!

I was finding after a while of drinking the Crystal Light, I was getting a bad after-taste. So now it’s mostly just plain water, and a little Sprite Zero if Ifeel the need for something sweet.

Most Crystal Light is plane, and without carbs. But some kinds, like for example “Hunger Control” with Strawberry/Banana, has some soy and milk in it, with about 30 calories, and about 5 carbs or so. So just check the nutrition facts to be sure. :slight_smile: