Addisons and Diabetes

Hi Nel! i have been doing well. I had an admittance to the hospital a month or so ago due to a blood sugar of 17! i was alone at my home and my blood sugar had dropped suddenly which is the case with diabetics who have Addisons. My husband called to check on me (he was away on business) . When i did not respond to the phone call he summoned my neighbors who all have keys to help me. Thank God he called or i would have died. Paramedics said i was very slow to respond and they got very worried. this was most likely due to the fact i need an emergency dose of solu cortef(steriods). Took me twenty minutes to show any response to injection of glucose. They carted me off to the ER where they finally administered steroids after my blood sugar dropped again and i started throwing up.
Tell your friend there is a terrific support group on face book for those with Addisons. Here is the link: By the way, your friends doc is right most people with Addisons have hypothyroidism. Very few have all Diabetes thrown in there like me.

I did let Facebook friend know about your comment …I hope she( Dianna ) will connect with you .
We have a ( Canadian ) group on FB about insulin pumps and the topic Addison came up
Glad you responded so quickly …wish you well from across the line