Additional Lantus Dose Taken by Mistake in Morning

My 16 year old dosed additional night time dose of 15 units also in the morning by mistake. He usually takes two extra to help to iron out the day numbers.

Anyway. I freak. I give him some carbs. We bring him to emergency and send us home after a few hours because there is not an emergency. His numbers have not gone low. He has been staying steady all day.

I am waiting to talk to his doctors again.

What happens most often? Low blood sugars that day? That following eve? or the next day?

The additional dose was taken around 8:30 this morning. It is now almost 5:00 pm. Great numbers and on the high side because I gave him a bit more carbs than he is used to.

Any input on this one?

This happened once with my son. We called his endo and talked to the MD on call. They said to monitor him more frequently throughout the day (and night, if necessary based on the 24 duration of the Lantus). My recollection was that nothing surprising happened, which sounds like what you're experiencing.

I agree with SGrieco. We've had this experience with our son. We gave him some extra carbs and checked him more frequently than usual for the next 24 hours. Everything turned out fine.

This happened to us and we talked with our Endo and they said the same thing, just watch extra close for lows that day and night. We had no major events as a consequence of the extra dosage.

Double-dosing long-acting insulin can have less of a disastrous impact than you expect if you look at it as 30 extra units over a 24-hour period; that's a little over 1 unit per hour, so not a ginormous amount overall. When I hear about these kinds of "oops" moments, it reminds me how much happier I am now that my daughter is pumping. It's almost impossible for us to double-bolus because the pump wizard takes into account the insulin already on board. Plus I've set my daughter's pump to not allow delivery of anything larger than 10 or so units at one time.