Additives to Stevia

What is inulin and how does it impact our blood sugars?

Inulin is fiber. It’s indigestible & doesn’t effect BG. It’s added as a bulking agent to stevia because stevia is intensely sweet.

Then I am at a loss. The only thing I have added to my diet is the Stevia w/Inulin and my BG is up from 6:00 w/Meal at 6:30 by 10 points. I will check it a 11:30 3-4 hrs after I last took the Stevia and see if it is still high.

Inulin is a polymer of Fructose. in fact it's analogous to starch in that respect.Starch being a polymer of glucose.
When in raw foods, we can't process it, but when in cooked foods we sometimes can. It shouldn't impact on blood sugar since Fructose doesn't usually, but sometimes it gets processed and does raise blood glucose.Dreamfields pasta contains inulin and in most people ,if cooked according to instructions, it doesn't raise bg . It does a bit in me!
It's also what causes alimentary distress in some people who have eaten Jerusalem Artichoke.

Interesting. I looked it up in Wikipedia (an unimpeachable source, I know) and it generally agrees with the above -- it's supposed to have "minimal" effect on BG. But "minimal" doesn't mean the same as "zero" so I translate that to mean that for some individuals, it can. Which fits with your experience.

In passing, the article also says that it's supposed to have a beneficial effect on the absorption of calcium and possibly magnesium and that it promotes the growth of intestinal bacteria.

Dreamfields sent my BG high hours later & it wasn't inulin that was responsible for the rise, but the wheat. Fiber in Dreamfields simply slowed down the effect. Personally, I think Dreamfields is a scam.

The amount of inulin in stevia must be quite a small amount.

Hard to say if it was the inulin that caused a 10 pt. increase because there are innumerable factors at play.

There must be something else at play. I did not use it the rest of the day and my BG dropped into the 90's late afternoon. I'll keep working at it.