Addressing Emotional Self Care. A two minute distraction is sometimes all we need to feel less depressed

Perhaps this is why we come to the forum for support. It is a mentally supportive distraction from our diabetes. In an instant, we are transplanted from a place of isolation to a feeling of support and connection. As mentioned in this TED talk, it all happens in less than two minutes, coming to the community to find our people, perhaps enough time to distract ourselves from a place of rejection, abandonment, isolation, vulnerability, failure and fear.


Rumination … my undoing for far too long. I highly recommend viewing this video. I’m sold on the thesis that if we only practice good emotional hygiene many of society’s ills would be extinguished.

The conversation we hold with ourselves, minute to minute, day to day, colors our self-esteem. We need to talk with ourselves just as carefully as we would with a dear friend.

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