Adhesion, & temp basal rates and nutrition during distance running

I have recently started training for my first half marathon and am wearing my insulin pump while I am training. I am not currently using my CGM, but am planning on using it again soon especially since I am training and may experience more lows r/t changes in my metabolism.
It is fall and the weather is cooling off, but I am in Texas and it is still warm enough here for me to sweat. When I sweat and even by the end of a 30 minute run, my infusion sites adhesive is peeling off. I do use pressure with a towel to get it to restick itself to my skin, but this isn't going to be very reasonable for me once my run time and distance increases. Any suggestions on what adhesives to use that will be more resistant to sweat. I am also looking for suggestions on what others who have competed in distance running have done as far as temp basal rates and nutrition during their runs. Thanks in advance for all your help.

There's this stuff called Opsite FlexFix Tape that's really great to hold stuff on. There were a few longer runs I've been on where I'd take a lancet and poke the stuff to drain the sweat out of the CGM "bubble" afterwards.

I usaully try to clear out IOB before long runs, eat breakfast a couple of hours before "blast off" and then maybe a snack to match the IOB then about 15G of carbs every 3-5 miles. I have a belt with a couple of bottles of Gatorade. I'd recommend the powdered Gatorade mix, as you can weigh it to make it however strong you need. On the longer runs, I toss in some extra carbs. When I started, I'd use 45G mix for "emergencies" and 10-12G for "hydration" but, after a while, I realized that about 20-30G seems to cover me but it's sort of an experimental process. I also toss in a couple of bags of jelly beans, I get the Starburst kind that are cheaper and tastier than the special running ones.

There's a group Diabetics who Run Marathons here as well. That's where I learned about RaceReady shorts, that have a mesh pocket that will hold a meter, from Jerry Nairn, who's run > 50 marathons!

I use skintac before I put on my infusion sets. It is sort of sticky alcohol. It keeps my sets down even when I sweat.

I use overtape for my cgm I just started using Opsite flex tape because Acidrock suggested it but Ive also used Iv3000 and it works just fine, and does not seem to come loose due to sweat.

I wish I could find this stuff in a drug store. You have to order it through a pump supplier or find it online.
Alos in a pinch there is a product called nexcare waterproof bandages, that you can get in a drugstore. They are about $1 each but they work in a pinch and stay on pretty well.