Adhesive spray?

My pod is having trouble staying where I want it to after day 1. Has anyone got any tips on gels or sprays to help that are easily available in the UK?

OPSITE Flexifix Amazon

It comes in different sizes. I use it for my Dexcom. When a side lifts up, I use it to tape the pod down. The 2" tape is good for fixing a corner. The 4" is better for fitting over the whole pod. I found that liquid glue hardens and wrinkles the tape but this tape keeps the tape flat.

Seems like a sticky topic to me...

Liquid bandage works too. I apply around opening on pod to keep canula in place and pod secure. I use a rubbing alcohol spray instead of alcohol wipes. Works better for me to prep area.

Only need a small amount of liquid bandage

Thanks so much!