Adieu to my Antonio

Dearest Antonio,

We’ve had some good times together over the past few years since we first fell in love. We’ve swam together in the sea, danced under the stars on the ocean while cruising the Caribbean, we’ve even had some intimate moments in the boudoir.

Ohhh, how different it will be not to have you by my side anymore. Your blue shining skin, your subtle way of winking at me and reminding me that life with diabetes became even better when you came into my life back in April 2008. It’s now ended. Sob.

I feel that you’ve been cheating on me with the scatches that I have found on your body, and the late nights you’ve been spending away from me. Sob. It is best to let go, before my mind makes up more stories that may or may not be true.

Tendré buenas memorias mi querido but I know I will survive!

Anna xox

To read more about my life with Antonio, sob, click HERE to read the rest of our love story, sob (do you think I need my brain examined - waaahhh).

But what will you name the newbie?

Sarah - so far I’m sticking with Limey. One person had commented on my blog at - and had listed some fun names (not sure if you read my whole blog at the website link above - if you didn’t - my blog snippet I put on Tudiabetes will make more sense LOL).

Welcome Limey …:slight_smile:

Alright - thanks to a longer sleep (power went out - slept in 3 HOURS - got up at 11:00 - ugh) - I came up with the name for my new BFF - Salvador Dali - I seem to have this thing for Spanish men don't I? LOL

Never occurred to me to give Eric’s pump a name. He calls it “pump” but might be more enthused about it if I named it, for instance, Diego.

How’s it going with your new pump?