Adieu to Salvador Dali - my 2nd Animas 2020 that has cheated on me

My current Animas 2020 warranty expires at the end of this month. I’ve had some probs with my 2020’s - the one I’m wearing now - named George Michael - is my SECOND pump replacement since I started pumping with an Animas 2020. I either must be jixed with machines that go … PING … or ??? I just know the latest fail with Salvador Dali last month - has made me wonder about continuing on with pumps if this one dies on me - since $7K for an insulin pump and supplies averaging $300/month - don’t really fit into my retirement budget. Anyway, will shut up for now - and if you wish to click on the link below that will explain abit more of what has happened with Salvador Dali (I really REALLY miss him) - then here it is …

Salvador Dali and Michael George

Love the blog Anna ;) Thank goodness on my cruises the loaner Pings have stayed snug in my bag. Good thing too, wouldn't want to use a black pump after having a pink!

Glad all's worked out, and here's to George having a long and trouble-free life.

jrtpup - you'll find this funny - but everytime I fill out the legal paperwork for a vacation loaner pump (incase you lose the pump - you have to fork out the $7K for it - ouch) - I always get a colour unlike the one I have at the time. I've gone thru' beautiful blue (Antonio Banderas), Salvador was lime green, and now George Michael who is pink (more like a candy apple red). His name came about because all my pumps have been male, and being pink, well, it's not exactly a Male colour. Well, just my luck, my UK friends on the cruise said that George was gay - and he's CUTE - so that name stuck with the loaner pump and now this new pump. Do you have a name for your Ping?