Adjunct therapies desired to reduce ‘constant daily burden’ of type 1 diabetes

Source: HELIO

Adults with type 1 diabetes prioritize HbA1c time-in-target-range, weight loss and simple treatment procedures when evaluating their diabetes care, and there may be a substantial willingness to use adjunct therapies to achieve these goals, according to findings published in Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics .

“Despite these continued advances in management, particularly in the types of devices available, type 1 diabetes remains a constant daily burden for patients,” Jeremy H. Pettus, MD , an assistant clinical professor of medicine in the School of Health Sciences at the University of California, San Diego, in La Jolla, California, and colleagues wrote. “When navigating the risk-benefit ratio, it is important to realize that patients’ and health care providers’ views may differ on the importance of individual risk and benefit factors.”

To assess treatment preferences, Pettus and colleagues sent a survey and received responses from 1,313 adults (median age, 53 years; 67% women) with type 1 diabetes in November 2017. Participants were asked to rate how important and satisfied they were with achieving 15 different outcomes from diabetes treatment. Outcomes included maintaining daytime blood glucose between 70 mg/dL and 180 mg/dL, keeping HbA1c within target range and avoiding severe hypoglycemic events. The survey also included a section in which participants were asked their preference for either insulin only or the addition of 200 mg or 400 mg sotagliflozin (Sanofi/Lexicon) assuming the benefits expected based on clinical trials.

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I agree with many of the take away to this survey. And it goes back to a question I was asked awhile back by my endo. “What drives you crazy with your diabetes?” It wasn’t numbers or targets, it was what was driving me crazy, my biggest frustrations. So very cool when a doctor gets it.
For me back when he asked me this, it was weight issues and post meal spikes.
And as we talked, using a type 2 medication was talked about. And we talked about the good and bad to the possible candidates that could address my frustrations.
So one addition to my treatment plan helped with my weight loss and with my post meal spikes. One simple thing took two things off my frustration list, making my life easier. And if there is anything I like, it’s easier diabetes management plan.
So thinking outside the box can be a good thing and trying things that might be looked at as different can be a good thing. And as we all know, what works for one person with diabetes, might not work for the next. But it is so nice to know there are options out there.
And this simple change with my Tandem IQ, I have never been so free. And to think by the end of the year,I will be thinking less about diabetes when my cute little pump will increase basal rates vs the currently lowering function.
Simple is so sweet. I am loving how much less I think about my diabetes.

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