Adjustment disorder

I called my EAP line and got a referral for counseling. Got diagnosed with Adjustment Disorder with anxiety and depression. Having a little trouble thinking my way out of this problem. Good wishes would help friends!

Hey Joe, we are all right there with you. Sending thoughts, prayers, and positive vibes your way. I'm also interested in what Adjustment Disorder entails if you would care to share at some point. Good for you for seeking help; you are stronger than you know. :) Take care.

Judith - here is the Wikipedia page about Adjustment Disorders. My husband is a clinical social worker and often uses this initial diagnosis to get patients continued treatment without having to use the "harsher" labels of the DSM. After more time together, he can determine if the patient has "adjusted" or if the patient needs further care under a different diagnosis. Not that all therapists/counselors use the same methodology...

Joe - good for you for reaching out for help! It sounds like you have the framework through the EAP to get some assistance and hopefully some insight. Please know that we are all here, too. Take good care of yourself :)

Joe. Hope all eventually balances out for you. I have been down the dark path before in my mind. I read your earlier post about work and trying to find meaning behind it. Sometimes for me getting in the bike was the best reliever. Some days it felt like I was just going through the motions. After crunching the miles and meditation and just talking to people I managed to break out of the slump. I focused on helping people. I am blessed to have a great job with good benefits and good income but I had a slump mentally. As I helped others and talked to people I saw the world in a different light. By the way I always wanted to make it to fruita for some mountain biking. One of the places I wish to visit while I can still bike. Take care and sending some positive energy your way.

Joe, I have had anxiety and depression. I found the best thing was to distract my mind away from darkness by doing and looking forward to doing things that I like. I hope counselling helps you. Sending positive vibes your way.

I hope that it helps!! Some of your other posts, the stuff about the weird survey stuff at work, seemed like maybe you were super-engaged. Perhaps too engaged? I am the total opposite of that, as I've sort of given up, work for huge company, full of numbers and results but have adopted an attitude like Chevy Chase in Caddyshack, don't "keep score", just try to stay above water. The last few weeks have been superweird as I've stopped running as I sprained my calf and am trying to be reasonable/ conservative at the same time work has been nutso and junior has hit the high school cheerleading tryouts, practice, meetings, etc.

This is a good explanation of Adjustment Disorder. Fits me pretty well.

According to that link, the issues for that diagnosis the behaviors / condition has to present within three months of a “stressor” in order to precisely fit that diagnosis. Lord knows all of us here have plenty of stress, but was there a certain event or issue that may have triggered you to not be feeling as well as you’d like to?

Btw I’m still jealous of your stories about riding in the Alaska tour de cure… And I live there. Next time you want to do it I’d ride with you but it would probably drive you crazy to go slow enough for me to keep up


First and foremost thank you for telling us about this, not just because we care for you, but also because you are helping us a great deal to learn abut this. I have you in my mind and heart. Here is hoping things get better, Joe we are all pulling for you.

Thanks so much you have opened my eyes to a condition I did not know about.

Rick Phillips