My husband and I are in the beginning process of adoption. It’s very… weird and uncomfortable. To go through an agency, a representative came out to our house, took pictures, met our pets… They took down our total history of our lives… where we were born, went to school, where we’ve lived, happiest/saddest moments… Our initial interview took about 4 hours. They create a book with all of our info and birth parents wanting to give their babies up for adoption will have the opportunity to read them and choose prospective adoptive parents.

More than any other info we had to present in the book, I am most disturbed by having to “admit” to being diabetic. There are still so many misconceptions about diabetes. I am still asked if it’s contageous! People think that diabetics do not live full, active and long lives. Although we included pictures of us doing different things-- rock climbing, running races and “surfing” (I am not so good at that-- but it has nothing to do with D-- I’m just clumsy.). I am concerned that we will be passed over because of that… the misconceptions. It’s sort of like “auditioning” to be parents. There will always be the waiting and anticipation until we get official word. We’ve been told that it could take up to three years! My husband just turned 39… at some point, they will tell us that we cannot adopt an infant because he’ll be a senior citizen by the time he/she is out of school. (Actually, I don’t know about the age dilemma… but I wouldn’t be surprised.).

Oh...I remember well the Adoption Saga....we adopted our children in 1984 and 1986....Of course, the red tape for our first child (now 25) started 4 years prior to actually holding her. Yes, they will likely have a cut off age to adopt an infant....but you can still adopt a toddler!! As for fearing refusal due to diabetes (I double eveything you say, and how you say it!)....don't get all wrapped up over it, I remember one of the question asking how we would feel about a child with....and they listed a wide spectrum of illnesses and conditions...diabetes being one of them (you had to rate them on a scale of one to three). The upside, is that you could have a child who has or could develop diabetes...what better mom could that child hope for!!! Love and best wishes Stacie....linda.