Adrenaline revisited

I commented a few months back about how adrenaline during a Judo tournament severely spiked my blood sugar. It doubled to nearly 400 after just a few minutes of fighting. It appears it may not have been all the adrenaline's fault. I was taking an antibiotic "doxycycline" at the time and it may have also been to blame. Apparently I have an allergy to the serum in that family of antibiotics. But nonetheless, I had another Judo tournament over the weekend and monitored by blood sugar very closely before and after fighting. My blood sugar barely changed after my fights, even though I was just as nervous or more nervous beforehand this time. A few things I did notice though were while waiting for my first fight, the adrenaline would come in waves, so I jumped rope or jogged around the gym when I felt the nerves coming on. This helped to relieve the bad feeling and kept my blood sugar under control. I know the adrenaline or cortisol played a part in my blood sugar though because I barely ate anything all day and I stayed at a consistent 185 for most of the day. A little high but manageable. I did some studying on how to control adrenaline before a fight and the hints I picked up really did help. Learning to manage the adrenaline is vital to performance because it can ruin you if you let it. I did not tire out as quickly this time and was more clear-headed during the fight. I can actually remember most of it and I won a very nice, although not uncontested, gold medal.

Nice Job getting it all figured out and a gold medal to boot.

Thanks Kent. It is nice to get it somewhat figured out so I will know what to do next time. The more I compete, the less the adrenaline will even be a factor. I can't wait until that day!

Fantastic way go it takes time to figure it out.

Congrats on the win and thanks for following up with more detail. I'd like to compete in BJJ at some point and this kind of information is really helpful.