Adult Acne = Diabetes or just plain old age?

I have a question for you all… plus-ers, that is : )

In the past 10+ years I have developed “adult” acne. I have no idea as to why, but I was wondering if fellow diabetics had thoughts/observances on this?

I’d love to hear from anyone!

Hi Erin. For us women I think it has alot to do with hormones and of course stress :frowning:

Hi! Erin,
I had acne on my foot when I was 13 or 14 years old, almost 2 years since they discovered that I have diabetes type 1. While taking shots I also have to take oral medications such as Glucobay. After several years my doctor told me to stop my glucobay and change my insulin. I don’t know exactly if my acne has something to do with glucobay or maybe because of my high blood sugar. Last two weeks ago somebody gave me a free glucobay and instead of taking short acting insulin (because my blood sugar is high) I took the glucobay and after several days acne has occured in the same position I had when I was 13 (by the way I’m already 28). This is the first time that I take glucobay since 13 but my blood sugar had risen for sometime and all I need to do is take short acting insulin. I just did some experimentation and found out that every time I took glucobay I develop an acne.

I haven’t experience that for quite some while…the last bouts of adult acne ended in my late 20s early 30s…and I suspect the environment in which I was working in had a lot to do with it…a printing company ( I was a Graphic Artist), with paper dust and colour pigment particles floating around.

Since I started peri-menopause, I have developed acne…only on my back. It also will get worse with stress. When my Mom died…I broke out so bad, at first I thought I had shingles.! Nope…good ol’ acne. It gets really bad when my hormones are surging.

Nothing helps…tried it all.

I’m so sorry about the loss of your mom.

I lost my dog in March and my face got really bad so I know the stress wreaks havoc! On May 24 a dear friend passed from cancer. I worked with him for 10+ years and the stress also hit when he passed away.

I went to the dermatologist a few weeks ago and she said there was nothing I could do, so your “Nothing helps…tried it all.” confirms what I’ve been hearing. Thank you! I think I needed confirmation from someone else “in my shoes”.