Adult Clinic

Hello everyone, a little nervouse tonight as i am going to my very first ever adults clinic appointment with my new diabetes nurse tommorow. I am so worried about how to go about it ive never met this woman before and im going on my own it all seems a little scary and im just worried about what there going to say, what im supposed to do, where im supposed to go, whos going to be around me, what im supposed to say.. if anyone has any advice at all please let me know.
I will try and update you all on what happens tommorow!
Love always x

Hello! I wish I could offer advice, but I'm new to diabetes (just been diagnosed With type 1, but not yet in need of insulin). All I can say is that the dietician and diabetes nurse I have been dealing with are both wonderful, sweet, warm, and caring women. If the nurse you're going to see is even a tiny bit like mine, you'll be in excellent hands. I'd say be honest and open and share your concerns and ask all the questions you have. It'll be ok.

On the whole most professionals you deal with are lovely. Go in positive and you will come out armed with alsorts of information, take the information away with you and digest it in your own time. Then make a list of questions for your next appointment or ask for their email address so that you can ask her questions later.
If you go in worried and stressed you will not hear what they are saying to you. Ask lots of questions as it has to make sense to you what they are telling you.
The first appointment with any healthcare provider is always the worst, but then it should be plain sailing from there.
Good luck and remember, to smile!
Shirlee xx

Oh, sweetie, I agree with BB - honesty is at the top of the list. Otherwise, how can they help you?
Maybe it would be a good idea to write down any questions you have before hand and also remember that you are the consumer, and your insurance is paying them to give you what you need.
Good luck.

Seeing someone new can be a bit nervewracking! I always feel nervous when I see a new doctor or nurse. I think the most important thing to remember is that your new nurse is Diabetes specialist (I assume she is?) so is will be really experienced in dealing with Diabetes. That sounds a bit obvious but really what I'm getting at is that you shouldn't feel afraid to open up and tell her what's going on for you. When I was younger I always used to make up numbers and write them in my log book because I thought I would get in trouble for not testing! In the long run that doesn't help anyone! I'm still struggling to get my A1c back to a "better" number but I had an appointment with my nurse recently and we just talked it through. What I like about her is that she realises Diabetes Management has to fit into your life. She gets that sometimes I can't test as often as she would like etc.

Best of luck!