Advice needed on Statins/Repatha

Isn’t it amazing how we all are human beings but our genetic make-up makes us all so different? My husband is genetically predisposed to high cholesterol. He says he could eat cardboard and still have the numbers soar. He tried Zetia, and it did not help him one bit. We all just need to educate ourselves and to see what works for our unique physiologies.

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I am taking Repatha now for over 2 years and it greatly lowers by LDL without any unwanted side effects. I strongly recommend using the prefilled syringe because the autoinjector is much more painful and causes more bruising.

Great Zetia is working for you . No muscle pain ?

Good to hear positive about Repatha . Are you taking it bi monthly or monthly ?

Sometimes, it is all about the cocktail, and nobody knows why it works with one patient and not another. I was on Atorvastatin and added Zetia, and it did not improve my APOb. Then, I changed to Rosuvastatin + Zetia, and voila, I got the results I needed.

No muscle pain at all. It works well for me. I know it does not work for everyone, but with the possible side effects of statins, it certainly is worth a try if your cardiologist agrees.

Yes, CJ114, I agree with your assessment; however, in both cases you coupled a statin with the Zetia, so is it just the statin that is working for you or does the combination with the Zetia really help? For those of us who cannot tolerate a statin, we need to find alternatives that may help— whether that is a strict diet, medication, or both. (I often tell my husband that I am going to give up eating for my health!:wink:)

Actually the other way around as I was on a statin only for many years and coupled with Zetia after being on just a statin and slowly developing hard plaque in my LAD. The cardiologist said let’s start by adding Zetia as it is a lot less expensive and less hassle all the way around than going with Repatha or another inhibitor.

Every 2 weeks.

Met my cardiologist today . Owing to the muscle pain and general lack of energy felt by me with statin use , she has advised to discontinue statins for now . Since my lipid profile is ok at present , she said that lifestyle modifications will suffice . If the lipids show abnormal readings after a couple of months , she’ll start me on Repatha injections .

Just an update .

Thank you for posting your original question and the follow up. I learned a couple of things from the discussion.

Will the doctor’s plan meet your personal LDL goals?

I am on REPATHA because I couldn’t tolerate statins. Hope all goes well for you.

My LDL reading taken a couple of days ago is 76.8 My cardiologist says this is ok . My personal goal also would be to maintain it thus I guess . However this reading was brought about with alternate day statin therapy . Now that the statin has stopped , the challenge is to maintain it with diet and exercise .Dont know how far I will be successful ! Repatha reluctance will encourage me to try my best !

Thanks . I get encouraged by your positive Repatha feedback