Advice Please

Diabetic since 2002, started the Mini-Med 722 and wore it for 2 years. Moved and found a new Doctor he for some reason pulled me off of it and said I would get better control with Injections. 1 year later still no control (yes, eating habits not too good)I have recently found a new Dr. that is trying to get me back on track. I want to go back on Pump…I still have the Mini Med. However, is there a better pump on the market that I can go after??? Animas? Omnipod? any suggestions.


You can probably upgrade your Minimed pump to the newer version (the 723, which is the Minimed Revel). I personally think Minimed is a great pump. It's incredibly durable, has all the features I can think of needing, and great software. I've found my Revel to be incredibly durable; it has definitely withstood a fair amount of abuse. That said, if one of the other pumps out there seems like a better fit for you, you should look into it. There are more choices than ever in insulin pumps, including the new t:slim and Accuchek Combo. I know many folks like the Ping and it's comparable to the MM Revel, but with a bigger screen and being waterproof.

Why did the last doctor pull you off the pump? I've never heard of a doctor forcing someone to go off a pump.

Not sure why he pulled me off, he stated I would have better control off the pump. NOT! why i found a new DR.

I have decided to go with the Accu-chek combo…wish me luck. Also, I have a Mini-med 722 out of warranty on 2/1/2013. What can you do with a retired Pump??

The pumps will not differ significantly in control if it works for you, it's how you use the pump : How careful you are with testing, carb counting, how well you tune your basal rates, I:C and ISF ratios that makes the difference. It's just a tool.

I think you made a good call to change doctors! If used properly a pump will lead to better control simply because it gives you much finer grained control over insulin.