Advice, please

I am soooo enraged today!! My doc’s office called this morning to give me the new doses of my insulin after sending my bs levels for the past week. When I didn’t answer the lady called my dad’s # (who she said in my message was my husband) and he is my EMERGENCY contact. I layed into her and told her to ONLY call my phone and leave a message and I will call back when I please. I told her my dad was an EMERGENCY contact and an emergency is when I am unconscious. Her response: “that’s what we are trying to prevent dear.” My BS has been high enough lately that there is no way I will be loosing consciousness at any time. When I got to work I found out she had learned where I worked from talking with my dad and left a message here for me too. So I called the office manager and bitched to her as well. I hung up on both of them I was so pissed off. The best part is the EMERGENCY was to change ONE dose of my insulin by ONE unit. . . and I see my doc tomorrow in the morning. I am so incredibly enraged and I don’t know what to do. Anyone have any advice to give? Any and all are welcome. Thanks and Peace.

My advice - Calm Down. It’s ironic as hell to see your angry tirade end with “Thanks and Peace.” !! :slight_smile:

The lady wasn’t trying to hurt you, she was trying to help you. As for the office manager, I’m not sure why you hung up on her, all she did was take a message.

My other advice is to calmly - CALMLY - tell the Dr.'s office NOT to call anyone else about your condition unless there is a verified emergency. Also, check the information they have on file for you - they shouldn’t have confused your father for your husband. Fill out a new information card or form and write explicit instructions about who to contact and when. If you want any cooperation from the lady in the dr. office in the future, you might also consider apologizing for “laying into her” (say your high blood sugar was putting you on edge). The lady at the dr.'s office may have been dumb or stupid, but she wasn’t being mean. More likely she was simply doing what the dr. (her BOSS) asked her to do.

My final advice is to take your own advice - Peace out, dude.


P.S. You’re going to be dealing with doctor’s offices and the people who work there for a long, long time. Someday you’re going to want them to do something for you - call a pharmacy, fill out a form, fax some info, schedule an appointment, talk to an insurance company. Believe me, you don’t want to develop the reputation as “THAT” patient. “THAT” patient gets shoved to the end of the line.

I don’t want it to seem like we’re ganging up on you, but Terry’s got a point. When someone is responsible for your health and well-being, sometimes you’ve got to bite your tongue and let the mistakes slide. You’ll be asking this doctor for help later, and it’s best to keep a good (or, at a minimum, civil) relationship with the office. Now, if this becomes a pattern, and they always make mistakes and talk to you in a demeaning manner, then maybe it’s time to switch doctors. But for now, try to correct the mistake and make peace with the office (even if lying about the reason behind your behavior).

Sorry to hear about this frustrating experience! I agree that even if you are enraged going in tomorrow, the best thing that you can do is to stay calm and explain to them that they only should contact you. Let us know how it goes!

High bloodsugars can cause our anger to soar, so I am sure that did not help the situation. You will soon learn how to make your own adjustments with food and insulin, but it is always good to have good advice on hand and to make sure you are on the right track.

The dear part would of pissed me off too. Take a deep breath.

Sam I am-

Has your Doctor’s office heard of HIPPA! if they haven’t I think they need to lear about it. When you go to the Doctor, you should specify that your EMC is only to be contacted incase of an EMERGENCY not for medication change, that’s violating you as a patient. I would be upset if I were you also, but DO NOT go into the OFFICE MAD:) it’s not worth getting your bg’s blood pressure high.
Inform your Doctor’s office about the HIPPA guidelines. The only thing that your Doctor’s office should have said was could you please have such and such call me, that’s it.

Good point, Diab. I forgot about the HIPPA issue.

Sam, remind your doctor that sharing your medical information with ANYONE without your permission is a HIPPA violation - that is, it’s illegal. Even sharing information with a spouse is a violation. The doctor would want to know about it - or at least his/her office manager would want to know about it.

well, the only thing i see that would really pissed me off is callin your dad(mistaken as your husband-which is very stupid too) bout changing the dosage. apart from HIPAA law violation, she made your dad wondering or worried with you and your health, she is an idiot!!! i would be so upset if that happens to me. like they said, just be calm goin to you Dr.'s appointment later, but dont forget to tell your doctor how you felt bout that lady. im sorry but i just hate stupid people…!