What was the best advice you ever received, pertaining to your diabetes?

To go on the pump and CGM, they both literally changed my life.

to look at the number on my meter as tool and not as a character judgement. difficult advice to follow :)

That your blood sugars are just numbers...even if it's high you shouldn't beat yourself up over it because it's just a little piece to the whole picture. :)

You control your D; Don't let it control you!

This was actually advice given to us by a lactation consultant just after my first daughter was born, but relates very well to managing your diabetes:
Don't do anything that makes you crazy.

i.e. do what you need to do to be healthy but first and foremost, live your life.

Keeping a Dietary Journal. Knowing how foods affected my BG helped me find my way to a diet that, not only I could eat, but enjoy it was well.

Sorry, can't do just one. I have 4 favourite pieces of advice that I received.

1. I remember when I was 8 y/o at Camp Banting, the Nurse said to rotate every injection. Very important.

2. Low carbing by Dr. Bernstein. Brilliant!

3. Injecting 7 units or less(OK, on occasion I do 8 units) in each spot(Dr. Bernstein).

4. Drink my daily amount of water. It helps to flush the kidneys, helps to lower blood sugar, gets rid of or reduces many toxins in the body, etc.

These have all helped me greatly and I appreciate learning them.

Have to agree with what others have said.

For me, among the most important were to go on the pump and use the numbers as tools, not value judgements.

Another one that pertains to life, but can certainly be applied to diabetes is:

"You cannot change the wind, you can only adjust your sails."

2 things:

go on the pump
dont measure my self-worth by the number on my meter

its a disease, not a disgrace

"Crush yoah enemies, see them driven befoah you and heah the lamentations of their women" - Arnold in Conan

Getting a pump has really proved to be great advice too.

"it's a disease, not a disgrace" -- LOVE it!

A thread here on TuD took my A1c from an average of 7.9 over a number of years to an average of 5.7 over the last 2 years.
How do you do it?